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Tracing Nga Uri Katoa o Tàhu HIRAWANU raua ko Mihikiteao KOURA  


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06 July, 2018 3:37 am  

Kia Ora e nga iwi.

Tracing the following.

Tàhu HIRAWANU b. 1859 d. 1937 (Son of ??)

= Mihikiteao KOURA b. 1861 d. 1918 (Daughter of Mohi Koura & Ripora Te Parekohai)

They had the following children; A-E

A. Wi Taahu b. 1883  d. 1919

Wife = Ruira TE KAKARA b.  d.

1. Makere ANDERSON b. 1909  d. 1995

2. Mihikiteao NELSON b. 1911 d. 1971

3. Patuwaka (Pere) WI TAAHU b.  d.

4. Rangi WI TAAHU b.  d.

5. Ngahaka HATATA b. 1914  d. 1956

B. Matatu Taahu b. 1885  d. 1951

C. Haruru Taahu b. 1887  d. 1939

D. Ngapera Taahu b. 1889  d. 1982 Buried: Ruàtoki

1st Husband = Te Ataiti RANUI b. 1889  d. 1926

1. Tiaki RANUI b. 1904  d. 1996

2. Hinemawake MAKARAURI b. 1915  d. 1987

3. Hepuruna RANUI b. 1916  d. 1931

4. Mohi RANUI b. 1917  d. 1964

5. Taima MARSHALL/CRAPP  b. 1920  d. 1988

6. Te Aira RANUI b. 1922  d. 1922

7. Ngawaiwera (Hoti) Maora BLAKE b. 1924  d. 2018

2nd Husband = Eruwhiti Jack PARAKI/BLACK  b. 1884  d. 1968

8. Henare BLACK b. 1927  d. ?

9. Tiwi BLACK b. 1928  d. 2015

E. Te Hororoa (Kiha) Taahu b. 1891  d. ?

Husband = Rua Ruatapuni Kenana HEPETIPA b. 1869  d. 1937

1. Mauherehere RUA b. 1914  d. 1994 


I am seeking more info on the Parents of Tàhu Hirawanu.

Please note that Taahu was also Tàhu

I am seeking any corrections or further details of A, B, C, & E

Burial Place

Marriage/s or Union/s




Also Nga Uri Katoa mo A, B, C, & E to Present Day

D - Ngapera TAAHU was my Great Grandmother and I am happy to share Nga Uri o Ngapera.

Ngawaiwera (Hoti) Maora BLAKE was my Grandmother. She was the last of all her siblings who sadly passed - 26th April 2018 (Moe mai ra e Nan)

I thank you whanau in advance.

Please reply to this thread or email me go90days@icloud.com



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21 August, 2018 5:37 am  

Kia ora Sonia,

My name is David Kendrick Anderson and I am a mokopuna of Makere Wi Taahu (A), mataamua of Wi Taahu. I have also been doing a lot of rangahau on our whakapapa, and am wondering if I can catch up with you via a phonecall.

I can't really do the email thing as I am currently suffering from Ataxia Cerebellar, and it is difficult for me to control my muscles to even type - my daughter is typing this for me.

Hope to hear from you soon. 

Nga mihi e te whanaunga.


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23 October, 2018 11:38 pm  

Hi Sonia

Te Haruru Taahu is my great great grandfather.  Would really like to know how I am able to contact you?


Hana Haruru

sblake liked
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18 December, 2018 5:46 am  

Nga mihi kia koe.  Email me your contact details and I can call you direct. go90days@icloud.com

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18 December, 2018 6:00 am  

Arohamai, for taking so long in responding.  Please do email me your contact details so that I can make contact direct 🙂

Ma Te Atua Koutou Hei Manaaki