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Trying to understand the pahi whakapapa who was Tuarea pahi  


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20 November, 2012 2:17 pm  

My wife is ria pahi her father is Peter pahi wife sandy tuanui
Grandfather who was tarei pahi wife Rita mokenga Barrett
Great grandfather huia jack Pahi wife pakirere kurukuru
Great great grandfather tuarea pahi wife not known
Tuarea Pahi sibling sister is said to be te mamae whakamau also known as wikitoria pahi
My wife ria's grandmother Rita mokenga Barrett's mother was huiarangi taratu Barrett but was raised
by her auntie mokenga taratu linchorn oldest daughter of
Maringi whakamau who husband was teka taratu.
Maringi whakamau taratu parents were Te mamae whakamau (wikitoria pahi)and te wirihana whakamau

We are unable to understand or find knowledge of this whakapapa fom here as to know fo sure the parents of te mamae
and tuarea Pahi and who tuarea Pahi was and whom his wife was
It is said tuarea Pahi father was pahi te haukatokia and his father pungarehu(hoani papita) pungarehu father pahi and his father te wawahanga and mother rangi mahora
Can someone plz help with this whakapapa

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21 November, 2012 6:18 am  

If what you say is true about Maringi Whakamau/ Taratu being a Paahi then I NOW understand why she wasn't impressed by my grandad marrying her 1st cousin, Tamoe. Hopefully someone will confirm the connection. Are you your website administrator? I do have some Paahi uplines but it's better coming from your blood relatives first. I think the brothers Tuarea, Whatau and Waretini are buried beside Poihakena marae, Raglan. This is a good opportunity to see your whanaunga there and find out things

Te Rangikotama
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31 December, 2012 12:35 am  

Kia ora. I have seen the name Pungarehu (Hoani Papita) and also the name Pahi(waka) connected into Ngati Hinetu hapu of Ngati Apakura of Rangiaowhia near Te Awamutu. Whether it is the same Pungarehu I don't know offhand; however, if it is one and the same person then I can tell you that Pungarehu was the son of Hoani Papita (John the Baptist). Pungarehu (the ashes) was the name he adopted after his father was incinerated while fighting to defend Rangiaowhia. This line is generally acknowledged and you can find much of the history surrounding it in the publication 'From Kent to Kawhia' written by Gwen Howe (if I recall correctly). It will be available through interloan or main libraries. Best wishes in your search.

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29 January, 2018 7:49 am  

Kia ora Mainopahi

I have just returned to this forum and I recognise the name Huiarangi Barrett. There was also Bill Barrett who married Huiarangi, whom has a sister still alive, and she lives in Otorohanga. Recently there was a reunion held at Horahora Marae and the reunion was for Nga uri o Wirihana Whakamau raua ko Te Mamae Whakamau Reunion. Te Mamae was part of the Pahi whanau as was Waihoto, whose parents were Ngataaria and Te Hika. Hazel Wander is also a researcher who can help. She will respond if you PM her. Good luck