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Uerata, Rau, Te Rauhuruputu, Wharerarauwhe  


Matiu Hone Rau
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Joined: 9 years ago
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27 August, 2012 6:06 pm  

Kia ora whanau just updating my post but still looking for an expansion or clarity of what i have. I know the best way to get it is through personal communication, but the opportunity doesnt really come around much when your a full time student with no waka and no whanau connections.

I do hope to someday trace my whakapapa back as far as i can without any hidden names or decietfulness. common guys not everyone uses their whakapapa to be whakahihi or raise thier status. Ive already been told we have connections to certain "important people of mana" but thats not why im searching.

I want to know where im from what the history of my toto is. Anyways thanks for those who have already helped heaps. Was lucky enough to speak to Homai Uerata at the koroneihana but time restrictions meant a conversation cut short. Anyways this is what i have so far.

If anyone has a connection to these four names feel free to leave a message.

If you dont agree with my requesting of this information thats fine just dont give me crap about it, this is my hiahia not a demand.


[b]Tawhia (Maungarongo) Uerata [/b]= Mihitaurangi Hetekia

Iki Moke, Hauauru, Tawhia Uerata II (Tom Tawhia), Puna Te Aroha (Ngarape), Hata, Hauata, [b]Wahawaha (Bella,Pera,perapera) [/b]Huihuiora, Te Amoroa, Kawe, Nukuhia, Homai, David (Whare)

[b]Te Wai Arani (Peti Thompson) [/b]= Hori Rau

Patrick, Josephine, Elizabeth, Rachel, George, Myra, [b]Kenneth[/b]

[b]Matthew (au), [/b]Joseph, Yolanda


[b]Te Rau Huruputu =?[/b]

[b]Tutea Rau[/b]=Horahia Pari Wharerarauwhe

[b]Hori Wharerarauwhe George Rau[/b]=Peti Thompson

Patrick, Josephine, Elizabeth, Rachel, George, Myra, [b]Kenneth[/b]

[b]Matthew (au),[/b] Joseph, Yolanda

Te Rangikotama
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14 December, 2012 10:55 pm  

Kia ora Matiu. You could try calling Crown Forestry Rental Trust research employee in Poneke by the name of Nicola Kiri-Smith. You could email me later at makomihi@hotmail.com later for further details if you wish. Nicola is also from this Uerata line.

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01 August, 2013 9:39 pm  

Kia Ora Matiu. My name is Ruth Rau. My father was Trevor Rau, brother to your dad Hori George Rau. That makes us first cousins. Kia Ora Cuz!! It was only by chance that I came upon this site & saw your post.
I knew your older siblings but yourself,Joseph & Yolanda I dont know. I currently live in Sydney & some years ago ran into Josephine.We stayed in contact for a little while until she moved on to I dont know where??
Anyway, if you would like to know more about this side of the whanau i will try fill in the gaps as much as possible. My email address is rrau.59@gmail.com so contact me when you read this.

Nga mihi ki a koe..