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WHAITI, te Ikairaua  


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31 March, 2011 2:10 pm  

Kia Ora;

I am looking for information on my ancestor;

Te Ikairaua (Te Ikaraua), the daughter of Te Ati Awa chief Te Whati

I received a reply before the server crash, so if that person can send it again, then I should be grateful.

What I am looking for is her burial site and a photo , so I can pay my respects.

thanks & regards

here is the whakapapa

Father: Thomas ELLISON born 1816 ?: Died 17.6.1840:
• Mother: Te Ika-i-Rau WHATI Died 1861?

Family of Thomas and Te Ika-i- Rau #
• # Thomas ELLISON born 9.7.1837: Died 1862?:
• # Catherine Hariata Erihana ELLISON born 9.3.1838: Died 1874?:[/b]
• # Daniel Raniera Erihana ELLISON born 15.11.1839: Died 16.5.1920:

2. Father: Andrew Nicholson MAGRATH born 12.4 1831 died 6.10.1889.
• Mother: Catherine Hariata Erihana ELLISON
(later took the name Hariata Tutere)

Family of Andrew and Catherine #
• # Mary Maria MAGRATH born 1854 ?: Died: 6.9.1907:
• # Caroline Louisa MAGRATH born 24.5.1857: Died 12.2.1892:
• # Archdale Henry MAGRATH born 26.6.1858: Died u.k.
• # Edwards Thomas MAGRATH born u.k: Died u.k:

3. Father: Robert HOOKER born 17.4.1882: Died 25.8.1943:
• Mother: Mary Maria MAGRATH born 1854?: Died 6.9.1907:
• Married: 10..7.1891.

Family of Robert and Mary #
• # Mabel Harriett HOOKER born 29.12.1892: Died 19.8.1976
• # Clara Louise HOOKER born 30.11891: Died 22.5.1984.
• # Isabella Murial Rose HOOKER Born 1897: Died 05.12.1960:
• # Robert Waldmere HOOKER. Born 7.3.1899 Died 01.01.73

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27 April, 2011 11:15 am  

test message

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23 October, 2013 4:07 pm  

Hello Hermes
Isabella Murial Rose Hooker is my grandmother and i was wondering if you have any photos of Te Ika-i-rau Whati and her father Te Ati Awa Chief Te Whati
Regards Sharron

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25 October, 2013 1:20 pm  

Wellington City Council published booklets called Nga Tupuna ote Whanganui-a-Tara. Tom Ellison and Te Ikairaua are mentioned in booklet 3 page 55. The Council may know more