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WHITIORA Whanau of Wanganui/Putiki Area  


Kaile Griffiths Hill
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14 May, 2018 9:01 am  

Kia Ora, I'm looking for records/info related to Wipaki Whitiora and his wife Te Ara Wipaki Whitiora.  I see that Ara Whitiora was living in 1919 in Putiki according to the NZ Maori Electoral Roll. I'm guessing her husband was known by a name other than Wipaki Whitiora. Possibly a Pakeha name perhaps?

I know of one daughter, Bella. Her marriage cert says her name was Pikirangi Wipaki WHITIORA.  She married Jack TE TAURI of Wanganui at the Ratana Church in 1925.  Any help would be most appreciated.


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