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E.Mail Friends Maori  

Tulip-23 OWC
New Member

Good Afternoon from the Netherlands
I really would Like some E.Mail Friends Male /Female to help me understand your Culture..History..Stories..Language.
Some Personel Details:

My Name is: Mike Durnford Male: Age 61/62 Married Four Grown Children.

Hobbies: ...Making New Friends...Cooking...Reading
researching [ thats why Im here now ]

Would Like to Learn your Language... I offer Friendship

Really hope you will contact me on a Friendship Basis..Thanking you
Please Contact Me if your interested
All replies with an** E.Mail Addresss**: Will be Answered...Mike

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Edited by - Tulip-23 on Jan 29 2006 01:49:31 AM

Posted : 16 January, 2006 3:52 am
Nani OWC
Eminent Member

Thanks for your message tulip. If I can help at all with anything to do with our language or our culture I will but if I'm unable, I will try to give you a reference website. I would recommend Google for research otherwise. Good luck!

Posted : 20 January, 2006 12:25 pm