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Land, what do you think?  

Martee OWC
New Member

Kia Ora, Little question on my mind that i wanna put out to everyone to see what you all think...

if you have land or know of Whanau that have land that has been pass down generation, does that mean that is where you are from?
why you may ask, my mum has land that her dad gave her and cause i trying to find out more bout myself and where we are from, i was just thinking that could be where we are from.

my mum dad was born in Te Aroha, but the land is Ranana x2, Orimakatea, Ngarakauwhakarara and they are all in Aotea.

what you think?

Posted : 28 February, 2008 8:21 pm
Huia bird
Active Member

Thats an interesting question.

Our whanau has land, it has been passed down for 5 generations now. As i know it belonged to the wife of my great great grandfather. When i asked where i am from, I answer with a different area?!

And then we have land which stems back many generations. and is still being fought over (the war of the courts).
This is where my ancestors are from.
And again when i am asked where im from?
I answer with a different area.
The area of my time.

I think the reason for my answer. Is, I dont know much of these times before i was born.
But i dont deny that i stem from these areas. I am just unfamiliar with them.

Thanks for posting this question.... its making me think........:)

Posted : 28 February, 2008 8:36 pm
pepe OWC
Active Member

Kia ora,
If this is Maori land you refer to some of your tipuna may have come from there in which case then it is your turakawaewae. However some blocks of land in which shares are passed down come from the 'Landless Native Blocks" Which were awarded to those who found themselves without any land because of land sales or confiscations. In that instance the blocks awarded sometimes had people on them from all over the place and so would not necessarily reflect your roots. I do not know about those particular blocks you have mentioned but you could check with the Maori Land Court for it's status or someone on this site may also know.

Posted : 28 February, 2008 11:09 pm
Trusted Member

It will depend on the history of that land block. For instance, following the Tarawera eruption our tribe was given land all over the north island. Some in Thames was gifted and handed through generations. This however, is not my turangawaewae, although i do have links there now because of inter-marriage. My Koroua gifted the land back to the hau kainga. In other instances, my grandmother owned alot of land at Poroporo and i am from there but it is still not my turangawaewae. It will depend on whether you are talking about just where you are from, realising that a person is from many places and tribes

Posted : 29 February, 2008 9:01 am