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Pahau/ Murua/Komene/ Tangitutu/ Ryland  

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Tena Koe QueenKahu Tamaiti Mokopuna

A mistake in your response to Wi Pahau Murua whakapapa

Wi Pahau Murua or /Tangitutu/Komene/Takurua/Kahua Married Ngawaierua (Hera) Hataupu this union produced 6 children of whom one of the daughters Amiria Teaotiraroa Pahau married Wiremu Ryland son of Turu Christianna Ryland and Hakopa Tipaata Kihirini .... Back to Wi Pahau Murua in between children to Hera He cohabited ( jumped the fence) with Turu Riki (sister of Kohekohe and Kirikaihau Riki) and they had Merepihi who married Haare pikoi tipuna then later her a 2nd husband Ned Manuel and they had Tumanako Manuel .. What i want to clear up is that Turu Riki and Turu Ryland were two different people
Turu Ryland was born in 1835 and Turu Riki died in mid 1950 or there abouts if they were one and the same then Turu Christianna Ryland would have been at least 120 when she died
I descend from all these Tipuna and and in my young life I Knew both Turu Riki and Wi Murua Pahau both stayed in Waima Tokomaru Bay.

Wi Takurua Pahau in Ruatorea was a a whanaunga his daughter Pani used to holiday with the Pahau family in Waima

A Pakeke Whanaunga

Posted : 11 March, 2008 1:45 am
ccs OWC
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Kiaora Marge!!!! Im just new to this, but i was just reading your post.....and am just wandering if you knew or heard of Turingatu Pahau she was my mums mum and her husband was Tuangahuru Whakatete/Samuels

Posted : 14 March, 2008 11:34 pm
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yes i knew her very well she was Teringatu Oriwia Pahau we called her aunty Tutu she married the Samuels and i did not know his full name for we only knew him as uncle Tatu or Tat Samuels some even called him Tatty boy They produced Myra who married Wi Tekira next Kara deceased then Gracie who married Cornelius Woud then Noel Deceased and Janet deceased so i am thinking you either belong to Gracie or Myra or Janet if so then I am positive that somewhere along the line we have met as i will be you whanaunga

Posted : 21 March, 2008 5:02 pm