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PAOA-TAKO, TeAuitu  

grandpop OWC
New Member

Kiaora Tena Kotou Katoa,

I would like to know why my Tupuna left Hokianga aprox 100 years ago?
Where exactly their Hapu was in Hokianga?
What they did with their Whenua?
& what their connection to Wainui Bay was - other than my Grand Mother, considering their was whawhi whenua between Hokianga & Whangaroa & every where inbetween.

I believe their land was never sold, maybe apart from 1 block Waiwhatawhata 1A2B3 which was sold to HONETANA, Eruera around the 3rd of August 1957...

What I know is that my Grand Father PAOA TAKO, Te Auitu moved to Wainui Bay, Whangaroa & married his wife MAAKA, Atareta Ingoa Haimoana.
Te Auitu's brothers & sister all followed to Wainui Bay also.
Their names were:

PAOA TAKO, Ngawati
PAOA TAKO, Aperehama
PAOA TAKO, Tako Paoa

PAOA TAKO, Wini (Sister)

Their father was Paoa Tako, Ihimaera.

I believe my whanau were known as fishermen & could've been welcomed to Wainui Bay for their skill? Equally Wainui Bay could have been attractive to my Tupuna for its calmer waters & adundance of Kai Moana?

I would like to know who Ihimaera's Tupuna were?

I hope I am asking the right questions & am in the right forum to be asking these questions...
Congratulations on a fantastic website.

Whaka whetia motoa mahi pai

Posted : 08 February, 2008 8:33 am