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Rangiwawau TIMOTI or Haki WAIKATO  

Dazman11 OWC
Active Member

I am searching some info and background infomation on My Great Grandmother ,Rangiwawau .
She had my nan, Piki tiora to Haki(jack)Waikato and she was Whangai to family when she was young .
Any infomation good or bad is receptive ,I am triyng to get to the bottem off certain things from the past.
I have tried in the past to seek infomation with little success even told that I can't be related to Haki.So............

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Posted : 12 June, 2007 6:39 pm
Active Member

Kia ora Dazman11,
if you want to know anything about the Waikato whaanau, the best person to contact would be a guy by the name of Monty Soutar. Monty lectures at Massey University in the Defence studies department, but I don't have his contact details. But give Massey a ring anywayz. This guy has done some pretty extensive research regarding the Meihana and Waikato whakapapa.

Posted : 13 June, 2007 7:13 am