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Respect for others  

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In the past 48 hours I have received 3 e-mails sent from different women living in different parts of New Zealand and relating to the inappropriate advances of (what I would assume by his letters) is a young man. This letter has been circulating throughout the country and now obviously also overseas -its intention was to warn women about this mans tactics.
Firstly having read the letter it seemed to me the man in question lacked diplomacy and tact but he was honest by telling the woman exactly as it was - he found her very attractive and wanted to get a leg over wasnt interested in a relationship just a casual encounter

I do not agree with his persecution through usuing the medium of the internet to spread what was meant to be a Private e-mail to a wider audience.
I am not an advocate for creepy encounters of any kind but feel in this instance the mans privacy and right to a fair trial is being denied him. That action is as bad, if not worse than the original crime. I feel it would have been more appropriate for the recipient to tell him exactly what she thought rather than bad mouth him around the globe. Is it too much to ask that the feelings of others be considered and respected?

I am bringing this to the attention of the Forum as we have many young woman and men who use this site and who may have also received this e-mail. Please do not send it on. If you look at what he has written Im sure you will see he has been candidily honest about his motivation, yes he lacks style etc and is somewhat course with how he puts things. My gut feeling is we are reading the work of a man in the 20 to 30 age bracket who has not learnt how to mask his desires under the guise of romance, he is still a puppy learning to find his feet. I would ask you to remember that this could be your brother,friend, nephew, son or Grandson - one silly mistake and he is being burnt by the same hysteria as the witch on a burning stake encountered!
Have a little tolerance for the mistakes of others and dont judge too hard. He will soon find his tactics dont deliver anything but scorn and learn to modify them
I do not know the men in question or the woman it relates to, I only know I find it unjust

Posted : 26 October, 2006 11:14 pm
Trusted Member

Nope havent received that email but sounds interesting nonetheless

Posted : 27 October, 2006 4:28 pm