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Robinson Clough whanau: Info plse  

Active Member

Tena Koutou Katoa

Hi Everyone. A little Help Please. I am a descendant of Puai Tuhaewa > Amura Clough > Herbert lee clough > Isobel Gladys Morgan > Ngaire McDonald...my Nan.

Im building a picture and understanding of my whakapapa through sources such as ' Nga Pikituroa O Ngai Tahu' By Rawiri te Maire Tau,
which paints a good picture of Te whakapapa o ngai tahu in both historical and mythological contexts.
Ive also been to Te Wai Pounamu House ( whoa, full on) and scored a copy of the Robinson clough Whakapapa... so no problems with the facts of who my tipuna are. These are both taonga to be sure.

What I dont understand is the system by which one would claim affiliation to a particular Hapu.

For example, I am descended from Puai who I beleive is from Wairewa where the priciple hapu are Ngati Irakehu and ngati Mako..correct? These people are themselves descended from the heads of other hapu. Is it in that case a matter of choice or location or birthplace which governs to which hapu you affiliate ?
A member recently stated her ancestor puai had belonged to Onuku marae, and this confused me as i dont beleive that onuku is where puai was from , but rather the place that she lived. but should puais children have been born @ onuku, Does that make Onuku THEIR Marae. Hmmmm
I was born in Kaikoura.
When I enrolled on the Ngai Tahu Register years ago, my cousins girlfriend ( Ngati Kuri )told me to enroll as Ngati kuri, who I am indeed descended from...but... ?

Someone please tell me how it is.

Posted : 30 April, 2007 9:42 pm
NannaRee OWC
Active Member

I am extremely interested in these facts, also!

Great questions! The reason I claim Ngati Irakehu and Onuku Marae are because these were the names my whanau gave me for registration with Ngai Tahu. There was no explanation given as to why.

My theory is that after the destruction of the Takapuneke Pa, on Onawe Peninsula, survivors may have relocated to Onuku Marae. This may be totally incorrect - I am really interested in others' opinions or facts on this.

Posted : 01 May, 2007 12:54 am
Active Member

Yes, I gather that Irakehu is the hapu because of all the Robinsons, descended from Amura/Abner Cloughs litle brother George Robinson who affiliate to that line.

I've not heard of Takapuneke pa on Onawe. Of course Puais first husband, Reka was killed there, but I did not know if that was an inhabited Pa or purely a defenive position .

My dad has a house at duvauchelle and next time I go back home Im going to find some locals to korero with. I feel a bit shy, but.
I figure some questions that I have will be best asked in person as I really want to be respectful of peoples privacy and up front when asking them to talk about their histories, make an effort to be present, not just demand info y;know.

I saw a photo at the Akaroa Museum that said It was of Jimmy R. Clough, Puai Abner and George (as infants.
I went back one day to get a copy but the names had been crossed out, replaced with others, crossed AGAIN, rewritten as the aforementioned, crossed out yet again and written as someother people altogether.
I was so disappointed, as its obviously difficult to say for sure now.
I've heard that photos of puai do exist so I hope to see one before long.

Hei kona

Posted : 02 May, 2007 1:32 pm
NannaRee OWC
Active Member

Please let me know if you come across any photos!

I have a lot of photos of the Robinson-Cloughs from Abner down, and one of Jimmy Robinson. If you would like to send me your email address by pm, I will gladly email you copies. 😀

I believe there is a portrait of Puai somewhere - currently believed to be in Australia with descendants there. The location is unverified, however, although the portrait exists.

There are some great pictures of George Robinson (including a huge portrait of him on his horse)and his descendants at the O'Kanes Bay Museum. (May have mis-spelled 'O'Kanes')

Great to communicate on these precious topics!

Posted : 02 May, 2007 6:23 pm