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Walking First Nations Grandmothers  

dansingstars OWC
New Member

I have found this site and wanted to find out whether your nation is interested in supported these grandmothers. They are walking for the intergenerational and residential school survivors across Canada as well as represented the Australian aborigines who have gone through a similar school system. The grandmothers will be arriving at the Parliament Building in Ottawa on September 16th. They left on May 26th from Kelowna, B.C. and this is a 4000 + kms hike without no financial help or driver, they are pushing baby buggies to carry their supplies! You can check their progress on the ghostchild.com website.

They will be carrying the Metis, three tribal Aborigine flags, and the First Nations flag to show to the Canadians that they are oppossed to latest negotiations and want to express their concerns that elderly survivors will never get the compensenation at all. The reconciliation day and the sorry day has not been officially
recognized by the governments of both countries. This is a little introduction to let the readers know what is taking place.

I have emailed ips in regards to the story covered by them. They told a story of an Elder named Lillian Hetet-Owen near Wellington and wanted to contact her but they never replied. When I found this site I was so happy maybe then I can be successful in contacting her. What we need is a support letter from anyone of your organizations along with a flag maybe. Or if anyone is that RICH over there they can send a representative to Canada for the September 16th gathering in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA. I had hope to get touch with Lillian earlier but it would help also for future reference.

Thank you so so much for allowing me to be long-winded in this website but usually I am a person who does not talk this long. Please respond as soon as possible and I appreciate your help in this matter. All my relations, dansingstars

Posted : 12 August, 2005 8:45 am