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Whakapapa - is it wrong to be interested?  

ang y OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora,
I have been searching for my whakapapa for 10+ years now. I'm making teeny small steps, but still seem to be moving forward.
I have been trying to find out about my nanas great grandmother who was born in Hokianga or Kaikohe in 1823 and died in 1931 in Dargaville.

I recently spoke to a Kaumatua who said that he advises people to only search as far back as their great grandparents - any further and you might bring up ghosts.

I was just wondering what everyone else thought about this. Is it time I stopped looking or do I keep looking?

I hope I haven't offended anyone and sorry if I have!


Posted : 06 March, 2008 2:48 pm
tane_ariki OWC
Trusted Member

Kia Ora Ang,

Keep looking. You're not going to bring up ghosts unless if you specifically call for those ghosts to appear (which I recommend you don't do - I have a tuakana who did that and sometimes he can be a bit loopy).

I mean, I can get whakapapa way beyond my great grandparents and I've yet to run into one wayward malevolent ghost.

Na Tane

Posted : 06 March, 2008 2:59 pm
Huia bird
Active Member

Kia ora Ang,

Its just that the times and our ways today, are different back in those days. And he is probably protecting you from that.
As long as you respect what they did in those times and leave it at that.
You will find your friend of today's tupuna, would have possibly been you tupuna's mortal enemy.

As i have, and yes it can hit you in the heart bad.
but keep your grief for that time, and not for today.

As Tane said, yes keep looking.


Posted : 06 March, 2008 3:49 pm
Nani OWC
Eminent Member

Kia ora angy, kia kaha, you go back as far as you want to go. One of the reasons 'ghosts' are mentioned is that you may find quite a bit of incest there. Other reasons is of course family feuds & kidnapping since this happened in land war times.
I'm at present adding on to one of our whakapapa manuscripts which requires photos, historical info, birth places, death dates, photos of your husband/s/defacto, wife/s/defacto, birth of your children etc. I've put together my hubby's side of his whānau & although I got told like you to only worry about the great grandparents, I thought no, it wasnt fair to leave out their ancestor who left his family in the UK & came here all own his own. I received help from the council to search for the grave, the national library of scotland & other research sites.
You go Angy girl & good luck, you'll have lots of help here, I support anyone looking for their ancestors.

Posted : 29 March, 2008 1:23 pm
Dolly OWC
Active Member

mmm ghosts - both good and bad have their place in in history ... & when searching for your whakapapa you are making a historical journey.

Search, find, be aware and take care .. that is all we can do when we get the G-bug.

Good luck with your journey!

Posted : 31 March, 2008 7:58 pm
rlee OWC
Eminent Member

as I have stated in another thread, some family and i have tried to search for my whakapapa for almost 20yrs, the need to know got too strong for me to ignore and being raised within maoridom and tikanga and all that which is maori, to me was a great grounding for what i believe is my role within my whanau, taking on the whakapapa journey and hopefully finding my whanaunatanga, turangawaewae etc, then i know i can finally be at peace with myself knowing my full identity, and allowing myself to feel it.
to me who we come from is who we are, and there are heaps of ghosts in mine and i'm not afraid as i know they are there for a reason, i also know my wairua is strong enough through my vast life experiences to handle the jandal so to speak.
the saddest thing is that 6 generations do not have their own family name, ties, sense of place to call their own and while some in my whanau aren't bothered i can see all through my whanau the damage that has been done for not having what is birthright.
so while many might not see it as a life force, i see the mauri as being highly essential to me and my trait is that i want to know Everything!, no matter how good and bad, as i said i am not afraid, just sad, at times angry, frustrated, left out and lonely for the one half of my heritage that to me is really important to find before yet another generation gets left with the brick walls that i did. my fear is not getting there in time.
to me to know a name, marae, waka, etc etc, tells me who i am and who/where i come from.
i know i have bleated on about this before but i still go through phases where i want to scream at my tupuna for making me work so hard and having me crying so hard! i think i would make a good private eye with all the digging i have done, lol! But the minute i put it down to have a rest, ping! i get a reminder to keep going, so now even if i wanted to put it away to forget, there is always something that will kick start my butt on the hunt, i have imagined all sorts of reasons why it is this way for my tree, but the urge that keeps me looking is stronger than words, or explanation.
so again, while some might not want to know or scared of ghosts and try to side track you, only you and your intuition will know if you are doing that which is meant for you and i hope you have support around you for times that you may feel unsure, while my whanau aren't much help on our links, they support and encourage me and affirm that i am the one to do this, in other words if feels right even when things seem to be concrete i seem to manage to slip through a gap to pluck another clue for the next bit.
that is my feelings regarding this topic. It doesn't feel right if i Don't go on this journey. Good luck on whatever path you decide, naku noa na.

Posted : 31 March, 2008 9:52 pm
pepe OWC
Active Member

Kia ora,
You have a right to your whakapapa to feel complete and I am sure your own tipuna would want you to know otherwise they themselves remain in oblivion. Hopefully they will be 'the ghosts' that help you reclaim your and their identities. After all who ever wanted to be forgotten? herePerhaps you might consider putting some names and details on this site because a number of others have received huge help here. Don't give up on your heritage dear. Kia kaha.

Posted : 31 March, 2008 10:50 pm
Whale rider OWC
Active Member

Kia ora Ang

My whakapapa has taken me on a journey of curiosity and venture, I now know who I am and what needs to be done to hopefully resolve issue that were caused back then...for others it will be different its about history and for Mauri its is very important to never forget your pass for it can sometime clear the path for us to go forward in the future so good luck and enjoy your journey no matter what you uncover.

Posted : 31 March, 2008 11:14 pm