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31 May, 2012 1:06 pm  

Kia ora, I am trying to trace my gggrandad Paora Hikitapua. From what I have found out his fathers name was Aporo Hikitapua and his mother was Mere Ngawaka. I think he lived at Mataora, his son was Wharetuatea Raniera my ggrandad.

Kawa Northover
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07 June, 2012 11:15 am  

Kia ora Tracey my tipuna is Ropata Hikitapua which I think is your ggrandfathers brother who married Tangingahoro they had my ggrandmother her name was Erana Kawa Hikitapua who married Wi Henare and had my grandmother Ema Reremoana Henare who married Wiremu Northover had my father Tuahine Northover and than myself Kawa Northover.
What I understand of my whakapapa is that although Erana Kawa never lived up at kennedy bay and Mataora (she was born and lived in Waipiro Bay) she succeeded to alot of the land up those ways when she was 16 what I was also told was that her aunty Riria Harrison was a trustee for her in re gard to the whenua, we have tried to research through the maori land courts as to how the land transferred out of her name as we cannot find any deeds to say that she sold this land. We as decendants of these tipuna and aknowledge we are not mana whenua and that this land was gifted to them. So like you we are curious and want to know more about our tupuna of that era.

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09 December, 2015 6:08 am  

Tena korua,

My grandmother was Mere Ngawaka Harrison. She was Riria's sister. It was very interesting to read your korero on Mataora and how your grandmother succeeded a lot of the land when she was 16, but was never able to hold title to it.

My grandmother Mere also succeeded a lot of the land at Mataora and Kennedy Bay. She to never lived there and was born and bred in Waipiro Bay until she married my grandfather and moved with him to Gisborne where they lived at Kaiti beach in a house that I've recently discovered was a Hikitapua papakainga.

And so because my grandmother moved away from Waipiro Bay and lived a very isolated life (she had 12 children) in Gisborne, my Aunties knew that she had succession to a lot of land at Mataora and Kennedy Bay, because Nanny talked about it often about it being left to her I think by either her grandfather Aporo (or Paora. Not sure of his name sorry) or her mother Mereana Tauke. But when my Aunties tried to look into what was left to my grandmother, they found that the land was no longer hers to succeed, and that most the titles and deeds for the land were not obtainable, and that somehow most of the land left to Nanny, now belonged to her sister Riria. I remember my Aunties talking about it often, with the question of "where is Nanny's land" and "how did it change hands?" My Aunties said that Nanny never gave up the deeds or signed over the titles to her lands there.

So it’s always been a mystery to our family. There's been little transparency around it. And my Aunties are resolved that we may never know what happened. My Aunties are quiet humble souls, much like my Nanny was. Too whakama to look further, keeping respectful.

But my Aunties aren't me. It’s a natural curiosity, wanting to know the truth. So I know what you mean. Nothing else has to happen eh. The truth of what happened would be satisfaction enough.