Advanced Whakapapa Search on the Net

When you are new to whakapapa knowing what websites to search can be hard.  That is why we have designed a whakapapa search form that will create searches for 18 of the the main genealogy sites that may have whakapapa, including an advanced search on Google.

For some sites it is easier to do an initial SURNAME search and if you get too many results you can change the search at that website by adding in a first name. Some of these sites may hold the same records but it pays to check each one as you never know who you will find.  It pays to check out each link created.

Fill in the form below and click on the Create Search. Then scroll down and click on the links that you would like to see the results for.  The search will open in a new window.

You do not need to put in a first name but you must have a last name.

First Name:
Last Name:
Click on the Clear button to start another search
Use the form above to create an advanced search