How To Research Using the Maori Land Court Minutes – Part II

This is the the second part in our series How To Research Using the Maori Land Court Minutes (MLCM) and explains the process of finding information in the MLCM.

Make sure you are prepared before you spend time looking through the MLCM by following the How To Research Using the Maori Land Court Minutes – Part I

Visit the place where the MLCM are that you want to look up.  Different places have different number systems but there will be someone to help you.

Find a MLCM book that covers the year of death for your  Maori great grandparents / grandparents as recorded in your Whanau Group Chart.

Start at the beginning of the book and look through each page.  You may find that the whole book is written in Maori, but the whakapapa is usually written with a single name on each line and the names listed are usually the children of the deceased person.  Sometimes there will be dates by the person.

If there are Maori parents on both sides make sure you check for both records as there could be more information in one record.

It can not be stressed enough that one person can have lots of different names so make sure you have read the Maori Naming Conventions so you are aware of the different ways names can be recorded in the MLCM.  Take careful note of the example of other names for Hone Te Awa.

If you know only English first names, check the Maori / English Name Translations that you have copied for the Maori equivalent and keep an eye out for that name as well.

You must have the maiden name for wahine as in the old records they are recorded by their birth name and not their married name and they inherit through the blood lines.

If you see names that are familiar but you are not sure if they are a part of your whakapapa, still record them as you never know when you will find the bit that could tie them in.

When You Find Who You Are Looking For

  • By the name in the Whakapapa Research log put a tick in the MLCM column
  • If there are new names on the MLCM record, add these to the Whakapapa Research log
  • If the names are a variation of who you are looking for (for example you are looking for Jack NOHI and you find Haki NOHI)  add that into the research log also and put a tick in the MLCM column for the variation name and not the name you already have in the research log
  • If there are names in the record that you do not have in your research log, add them in
  • Fill in the Maori Land Court Minutes Sheet making sure you spell the names exactly as they are in the MLCM
  • Add any extra information you find to your Whanau Group Sheet
  • If you find another marriage for someone, record that on a separate sheet and make a note on both sheets so they are cross referenced.

Common Abbreviations And Terms Used In The MLCM

  • m.a. stands for male applicant
  • f.a. stands for female applicant 
  • no issue means that the person does not have any children at the time of the hearing
  • died – no issue means that the person does not have any children
  • died young means that this person died while still a child