Video Pt 3 – How to do a Surname Search on Google

The Whakapapa Club are producing a video series of researching your whakapapa online. In part 3 we look at how to do a whakapapa surname search on Google and get relevant results.  Below the video is a transcript which has links to places mentioned in the video.


Kia ora and welcome to the Whakapapa Club Video series of researching your whakapapa online.  This video is Part 3 and will show you how to do a surname whakapapa search on Google and get relevant results.

Now the surname that we are going to use for this video is TAUTUKU, so we put TAUTUKU in the search box at Google and here are the results. If we scroll down this page we can see that there are no whakapapa results there at all.  So we go back up to the top and in the seach bar we put a space followed by the tilde (~).  The tilde is found on the left hand side of the number 1 key and it is upper case. And then we put genealogy and press the enter. Now what that does is  it pulls up anything to do with genealogy or whakapapa.  The tilde ~ means anything related to this word.

Now looking here we can see that we have a few whakapapa results now.  We’ve got genealogy there but we still are getting Catlins, Otago, Balclutha and these will be related to the place name. So we go back to the search results (and we put) space minus (-), and put Otago and that will subtract that from the results, space minus (-) and Balclutha and space minus (-) Catlins and press the enter.

From these results we can see that quite a few of them are from the WYBROW whanau who live in the place Tautuku. So we go up again to the search box and put in minus WYBROW and press the enter. And there you have it.  The majority of these results are for the TAUTUKU whanau.

One other way to get different lot of results is to go up to the search and change genealogy to whakapapa.  Press the enter and different results come up for the TAUTUKU whanau.

Don’t forget, if you don’t find who you are looking for you can post in the Whakapapa Club forums. The link to the Forums is at the top of any page.

Happy searching and see you in the tree.

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