Misc Urupa Tainui / Waikato

List of burials at the various urupa within the Tainui / Waikato rohe. You can find birth and death dates, other information, and maybe a photo of the stone by visiting the link at the bottom of the listings and clicking on the urupa name.


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There are 13 names in this directory beginning with the letter T.
Taipari, Tawai (Died: 19 Sep 1941)
Totara Memorial Park

Takairangi, Upokomaki Eugene 'ET' (1960 - 2004)
Hautapu Cemetery

Takarihi, John Douglas Hone (Died: 19 Jul 1933)
Hamilton East Cemetery

Taumanu, Waru (1940 - 2005)
Hautapu Cemetery

Taurima, Jordan Richard (1983 - 2013)
Hautapu Cemetery

Tawhai, H. M. (Died: 6 Jun 1920)
Hamilton East Cemetery

Te Paa, Ripeka Te Rauhanga (Died: 19 Apr 1973)
Mercury Bay Cemetery

Te Weri, Desmon William (Died: 20 Oct 1943)
Hamilton East Cemetery

Te Weri, Ngaraihi Rora (Died: 1 May 1946)
Hamilton East Cemetery

Te Weri, Peter (Died: 9 Apr 1944)
Hamilton East Cemetery

Tregoweth, Miriam Rona (Died: 24 Oct 1960)
Huntly (Kimihia) Cemetery

Tumai-Totorewa, Roger Maxwell (1944 - 1998)
Rangiriri Cemetery

Turpin, Ngaire Anne (FitzGibbon) (Died: 15 Feb 1998)
Te Waitere Cemetery