Ngai Tahu Kaumatua 1848

Here is a list of names that appear in Ngai Tahu whakapapa and are drawn from the Maori Land Court in 1925 and the Ngai Tahu census committee in 1929.

The list is sorted in alphabetical order by First name.

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There are 23 names in this directory beginning with the letter I.
Ihaia Pahau Waruhe

Ihaia Potiki

Ihaia Taihewa

Ihaia Tainui

Ihaia Te Wera

Ihaia Wharekorari (Ihaia)

Ihaka Te Uenuku

Ihakara Mapepe

Iki (alias Hiki)

Inehaka (Mumuhako)

Inia Tuhuru


Irai Te Koreke (Irai Te Korehe)

Irai Tihau

Iraia Tarawhata

Irihapeti (Wairaki)

Irihapeti Karoro

Irihapeti Mokiho

Irihapeti Rurutu

Irihapeti Stevens

Irihaukawa Te Wera

Isaac Newton

Iwa Taiarorua (Iwa)