Ngai Tahu Kaumatua 1848

Here is a list of names that appear in Ngai Tahu whakapapa and are drawn from the Maori Land Court in 1925 and the Ngai Tahu census committee in 1929.

The list is sorted in alphabetical order by First name.

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There are 40 names in this directory beginning with the letter J.
Jacob George Newton

James (Duffy) Wybrow

James Bates

James Donaldson

James Henry Crocome (Snr)

James Lloyd

James Sizemore

James Spencer

James Weevil

James Whitelock

James Wixon (Snr)

Jane Honor

Jane McTaggart

Jane Palmer

Jane Thomas (Heni Flint)

Jenny Wixon (Mrs Dixonson)

Jessie Clark

Joanna Antoni (Kamaku) (Mrs Goomes)

Joe Harper (Joseph Harper)

Joe Moss

John Arnett

John Arthur

John Bragg

John Dallas

John Edwards

John Fluerty (Flutey)

John Haberfield

John Hunter

John Kihau

John Mawhe

John Mckenzie

John Miller (Tiaki Mira)

John Mokomoko Kerekere

John Owens

John Wixon

John Wybrow

Joseph Antoni (Taiari)

Joseph Davis

Joseph Haberfield

Joseph Newton