St Michael’s Church Burial Ground, Ngawha

List of burials at the St Michael’s Church Burial Ground, Ngawha. You can find birth and death dates, other information, and maybe a photo of the stone by visiting the link at the bottom of the listings.


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There are 53 names in this directory beginning with the letter B.
BAKER Basil Baker

BAKER Boysey Baker

BAKER Celia Baker

BAKER Christine Susan Baker nee Flavell

BAKER Dave Baker

BAKER David Richard Baker

BAKER Erana Baker

BAKER Francis Frederick Baker

BAKER Graeme Baker

BAKER Hilda Baker

BAKER Huiarangi Baker

BAKER Jack Baker

BAKER Mack Baker

BAKER Parekura Edward Baker

BAKER Reginald Baker

BAKER Robin Gary Baker

BAKER Te Tane Baker

BAKER Urukahinga Baker

BAKER Winnie Isobel Baker nee Olsen-waru

BANNISTER Robert M Bannister

BEACHAM Henare Beacham

BEACHAM Moeawhi Beacham

BEACHAM Te Horeana Beacham nee Edmonds

BEAZLEY Caroline Beazley nee Retia

BEAZLEY Christian Toby Hamlyn Beazley

BEAZLEY Daisy Beazley

BEAZLEY Daisy Marie Beazley

BEAZLEY Eric Richard Beazley

BEAZLEY George Thomas Beazley

BEAZLEY Hannah Marie Beazley nee Wati

BEAZLEY Heni Hikitia Sherron Beazley

BEAZLEY Isobel Francis Beazley

BEAZLEY James Seddon Beazley

BEAZLEY Louis Sonny Beazley

BEAZLEY Lynnis Beazley

BEAZLEY Nellie Beazley

BEAZLEY Nellie Georgina Beazley nee Wells

BEAZLEY Ngakura Beazley

BEAZLEY Ngawai Beazley

BEAZLEY Sophie Beazley

BEAZLEY Te Aohau Beazley

BEAZLEY Thomas Henry Beazley

BEAZLEY Thompson Beazley

BEAZLEY Toby Beazley

BEAZLEY Toby Hamlyn Alfred Beazley

BEAZLEY Wiki Beazley

BEAZLEY William Wehunga Beazley

BEAZLEY Winnifred Lois Beazley

BECKHAM Esther Melia Beckham

BOLD Conan Bold

BRASS Karen Brass

BRASS-BOLD Mehla Brass-Bold

BROOMFIELD Claire Chistine Broomfield