St Michael’s Church Burial Ground, Ngawha

List of burials at the St Michael’s Church Burial Ground, Ngawha. You can find birth and death dates, other information, and maybe a photo of the stone by visiting the link at the bottom of the listings.


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There are 34 names in this directory beginning with the letter R.
RAWIRI Charlotte Rawiri

REIHENA Marcia June Reihena nee Tane

REKETINI Anna Maraea Wara Reketini

REKETINI Mohi Reketini

REKETINI Rameka Hori Reketini

REKETINI Ruiha M Reketini

REKETINI Tita Reketini

REPIA Erana Repia

REPIA Helen Repia

REPIA Henry Repia

REPIA Hera Karenga Repia

REPIA Huiarangi Susan Repia

REPIA Joel Fergusson Repia

REPIA Louis Goffe Repia

REPIA Pakihana Fergusson Repia

REPIA Robbie F Repia

REPIA Roimata Takangaro Repia

REPIA Sharon Rose Repia

RIPIA Christopher John Ripia

RIPIA Haki Hohepa Ripia

RIPIA Hoani Ripia

RIPIA Hohepa Ripia

RIPIA Inahape Kataraina Ripia

RIPIA John Hone Ripia

RIPIA John Jack Ripia

RIPIA Marukohu Ripia

RIPIA Mary Ripia

RIPIA Ngapua W Ripia

RIPIA Pea Perry Ripia

RIPIA Samuel Ripia

RIPIA Wikamo Kareko Ripia

RIPIA Wiremu Panapa Ripia

ROBERTSON Alison Joy Robertson

RUDOLPH Nigel Rangi Rudolph