St Michael’s Church Burial Ground, Ngawha

List of burials at the St Michael’s Church Burial Ground, Ngawha. You can find birth and death dates, other information, and maybe a photo of the stone by visiting the link at the bottom of the listings.


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There are 13 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
SAUNDERS Betty Saunders

SIAFA Eliza Denyse Siafa

SIMMONDS Paul Eton Simmonds

SMITH Bob Smith

SMITH Lulu Joyce Smith

SMITH Melanie Smith

SMITH Robert James Smith

SNELL Mary Roimata Snell nee Tango

SNELL Mary Snell

SNELL Noel Snell

SNELL Sandra Snell

STEELE Maheno Steele nee Tango

STEELE Stephen Steele