St Michael’s Church Burial Ground, Ngawha

List of burials at the St Michael’s Church Burial Ground, Ngawha. You can find birth and death dates, other information, and maybe a photo of the stone by visiting the link at the bottom of the listings.


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There are 51 names in this directory beginning with the letter T.
TANA Aniwaniwa Monk Tana

TANE Alfred Kiriahi Tane

TANE BEAZLEY Hamish Tane Beazley

TANE BEAZLEY Harvey Tane Beazley

TANE Billy Tane

TANE Frederick Meine Tane

TANE Maida Moengaroa Tane

TANE Mina Maria Tane

TANE Susan Elizabeth Tane

TANE Tautari Pikitu Tane

TANE-AKEHURST Mina Maria Tane-Akehurst nee Baker

TANGO Anania Jack Tango

TANGO Bertha Peata Maria Tango

TANGO Bunny Tango

TANGO Ellen Teaute Tango

TANGO Hone Poukoura Tango

TANGO Hugh Tango

TANGO Jimmy Pirihi Tango

TANGO Joseph H Tango

TANGO Junette Anne Judd Tango

TANGO Mary-anne Lavinia Tango

TANGO Mere Kirihimete Tango

TANGO Ngatote Tango

TANGO Pepe Marlone Tango

TANGO Peter Anania Tango

TANGO Rosie Tango

TANGO Ruihi Tango

TANGO Sarah Tango

TANGO Tane Horore Tango

TANGO Tane Tango

TANGO Thomas M Tango

TANGO Tom Tango

TANGO Wilamina Tango

TARI Pera Bella Whiritu Tari

TARI William Heina Poata Tari

TAUEHE Kereama Tauehe

TAUEHE Merehana Tauehe

TAUEHE Merehana Tauehe nee Leaf

TAUI Hereora Pene Taui

TAUI Pene Taui

TAUTARI Aroha Matekino Tautari

TE HAARA Heta Te Haara


TE HAARA Lemon Te Haara

TE HAARA Mary Ann Te Haara nee Leef

TE HAARA Ruihi Te Haara

TE WHATA Lucy Rubina Te Whata

TIMPERLEY Charles Gladwyn Timperley

TIMPERLEY Laurence Malcolm Timperley

TIMPERLEY Tauiti Norman Edward Timperley

TYLOR John Tylor