St Michael’s Church Burial Ground, Ngawha

List of burials at the St Michael’s Church Burial Ground, Ngawha. You can find birth and death dates, other information, and maybe a photo of the stone by visiting the link at the bottom of the listings.


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There are 35 names in this directory beginning with the letter W.
WATLING Agnes Watling

WATLING Baby Watling

WATLING Sidney Watling

WEAVER Harriet Weaver

WEAVER Thomas Weaver

WELLS Rongo Hoori Nell Wells

WERE Caroline Were

WERE Gwendoline Were

WERE Lila Olive Were

WERE Morris Peter Were

WERE Morris Were

WERE Peter Were

WERE Roger Were

WETINI Brummen Wetini

WETINI Isaac P Wetini

WETINI Marara Wetini

WHITTAKER-BEAZLEYLEE-KANARA Ngaio Diane Whittaker-Beazleylee-kanara

WHIU Hana Whiu

WHIU Himi Pera Whiu

WHIU Hine Tuaiwa Whiu

WHIU Ngauare Whiu

WHIU Te Pirihi Whiu nee Tango

WHIU Tunisia Whiu

WIHONGI-ANARU Hone Wihongi-Anaru

WIHONGI-ANARU Rhoda Shirlene Wihongi-Anaru

WILKINSON Puti Roimata Wilkinson

WILLIAMS Maude Williams

WILLIAMS Tommy Williams

WOODS Ada Wilhelmine Woods

WOODS Ada Williemina Woods

WOODS Eliza Jane Woods

WOODS George E Woods

WOODS George Henry Woods

WOODS Herbert Edward Woods

WOODS Rebbeca Woods