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hohaia2 OWC
Eminent Member

A correction to Mere Maro Koperu's hapu affiliation.
It should be "NGATI RAUAWE"... not Ngati Rauwawe.
Mere was also affiliated to NGATI PAKAU.

Posted : 12 December, 2005 11:49 pm
GuestFamily OWC
New Member

Hi new to this site I had tried to add some details to the Koperu Hapu to the best of my knowledge? but after reading this page have even found more people's names on it the I didn't even know of.
John Baker is my gr8 gr8 gr8 granfather, will post more details of the family when I get time.
Would love to hear from anyone with more info.

Posted : 25 December, 2005 2:35 pm
b8honey OWC
New Member

Hi Cuz!
I joined this site today. It was so awesome to find someone else looking for the Baker family. I have a whakapapa of the Baker family that was given to me by an aunt. I'm a descendent of John Baker and Mere Maro and am looking for information too. (where is my marae?)

John Baker's eldest son John (Hone) (1830/31- 1883) married Maria Bowyer (1826-1909)in 1878. Thier fourth child Mary married William Whitehead. Their youngest child Marsden is my great grandfather.

John Baker and Mere Maro had a daughter named Catherine (1844- 1919). Is this where you fit in?

Mary also had a sister called Catherine who married Bill Shelford. It says that Catherine (Kate) Shelford lost her husband and then her two children and then came to live with William Whitehead at Waiere when her sister Mary left, looking after his family for 6-9 years. Later moved to Kohukohu and opened tearooms there.
So I guess you must be descended from John's (Hone) sister Catherine(1844-1919)?

Maybe we can put my pieces of the puzzel together with yours 🙂

Dominique and Ursulla

Posted : 13 April, 2006 5:20 pm
Sandy OWC
Active Member

Kia ora Dominique and Ursulla
Yes John and Maro's daughter Catherine is my great grandmother. Catherine married John Walters and then a man by the name of Rhys Jones after John Walters died. Catherine is buried in Gisborne.

Posted : 26 April, 2006 3:01 pm
mokomoko32 OWC
Active Member

Kia Ora Sandy

My Husbands grandparents are Ted Baker and Waiapu Tu Peka they had 4 children Jacquline, Jimmy, Kathy and Sonny Baker. If you want any more information you can contact my sister-in-law Carol Mokomoko who has a Book on the Bartlett family and shows you where they fit into the Baker family her ph number is 09 751-3342 or contact us on 09 264-0542 or email us

Posted : 29 April, 2006 12:13 pm
Hami OWC
New Member


Kia ora artecwoman.
Thank you for your reply. These family names all originate from the Hokianga. Catherine Baker was my Great grandmother who married John Walters. Catherine's parents were Mere Maro Koperu and John Baker. I would very much like to get in touch with whanau I haven't met. Any help appreciated.

Posted : 02 June, 2006 11:58 am
Hami OWC
New Member

Elizabeth was my gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8 grandmother. She was a sister to Catherine. Do you have any info on how many kids John Baker (Haki Peka) & Mere Maru had? or any info..Good luck with your search.

Posted : 02 June, 2006 12:05 pm
Active Member

Kia ora Sandy
My wife Christine is also a great granddaughter of Catherine Baker through her second marriage to John Reece Jones.I am sure they had two sons and two daughters.Their son Ernest James Jones(b.1878 Kaiti,Gisborne-d.1960 Ruawai)is my wifes grandfather.John Reece was an engineer,born in Llanelli,south Wales.When Catherine died,he moved to Wollongong where one of his daughters lived.The homestead there was called "Te Puke".Ernest had issue from two marriages.First wife was Eva Goodley,second wife was Rangitaka Metio(from Matata,B.O.P)my wifes grandmother,who died two months after Ernest.
Amazingly,Ernests' eldest child from Eva is still alive and nearing 100 years of age!All of his issue from Rangitaka are still alive,of whom the eldest,Georgina Whittle,71,is my wifes mum.She resides in Whakatane.
Robert & Christine Norton

Posted : 16 July, 2006 11:55 pm
kelli OWC
New Member

kia ora,
Have recently returned from a trip to the Hokianga searching for any whakapapa clues. Amazing journey awe inspiring coming over the mountains into the Hokiang Harbour with those magnificent sand dunes...proud to be affiliated with our beautiful home lands. My grt gdfther was Hogan Baker son of Hone and Maria Bowyer, Hone was the son of Mere Maro Koperu and John Baker. Visited the Hokianga Historical Society above the information centre at Opononi. They have a file under the name John Baker. I now have a complete Whakapapa list going right back to Kupe. Also many documents with detailed info about the lives of John amd Mere MAro. There is evidence that John BAker (Holroyd)was actually the son the EArl of Sheffield. He had a disagreement with his father and immigrated to New Zealand with his first wife. He changed his name to his grandmother's name Baker dropping the Holroyd name. Indeed in 1909 a commission came to New Zealand looking for descendants and the family received payments from the UK Chancery well into the 1930's. This is one of the many facts contained in this file composed by Richard Baker. There are land records also. Mere Maro was the daughter of Koperu (Te Koperu) a local Hokianga Chieftain whose death at Mau-maina(sp?) on the Whangaporoa Pennisula (June 1821)led to the retaliatory destruction of that site by Koperu's kingsman, Hongi Hika.
Mere Maro according to these records was born at Whawharu, Te Taheke on the day of the battle of Morerronui(sp?) fought between Nga Puhi and Ngati Whatua on the West Coast near Maunganui Bluff c1807. She died at Te Taheke in 1874. It was thought at the time she was the last surviving member of Ngati Rauwawe but of course that is not true because we are all here.
If any one has more information on my part of our whanau, Hogan (Micheal) Baker married to Mary Ellen Morfett who farmed at Kaihu or his father and mother Hone(John)Baker and Maria Bowyer it would be muchly appreciated. Where is our Marae? Does any one have old photographs and have or do we have family reunions?
kind regards Kelli

Posted : 04 August, 2006 12:55 pm
Tenneile Baker OWC
Active Member

I'm a Baker.. My papa's name is Dennis Tuhawaiki Baker descendant of Andrew Akuhata Baker from Otaki and Erena Baker(nee Rae Rae) from Putaruru.. My koro has 1 sister named Veronica Webster(nee Baker)from Levin. My gr8 gran pa is named Babe Baker who lived in Featherston and remarried a Ransfield/Ranapia. My koro past away about 8 years ago and is laying in a urupa in Featherston.. Will try and gather more info for you.. Tenneile Baker of Sydney

Posted : 15 October, 2006 5:49 am
New Member

Hi everyone.  .Firstly what an amazing place this club is. I have found more information in one evening than months of searching.  

My name is Tash and my great grandmother  was Ada Maria Churchis nee Baker of Rangiahua. She is at rest in Pungaere Cemetery Waipapa, date of death 1941 aged 60. I have not been able to solidly link her to her parents and I only know that she attended Rangiahua Native School Upper Waihou  which could indicate that she was of Maori descent or lived in a Maori community. In the NZ herald of 1938 there is a divorce decree awarded to Ada Maria Churchis, a Maori woman. In the family search.org  section there is an Ada Maria Baker born in 1889 to a John Jnr Baker and a Maria Baker nee Bower/Bowyer who was of Rangiahua as well. John and Maria's  place of marriage is listed as Waima around 1878. John Baker is listed as being a resident of Hokianga. Here I found that there is a Bowyer  and a Baker  laid to rest at Rangiahua Urupa. I am travelling up from Auckland this weekend to see if this is my family. On the forums I found that John Baker may be the son of John Holroyd  Baker of County Cork, Ireland who is listed as as settler. Date of death  is approximately 1869 aged 75years. His wife is listed asMere Maro Koperu of Hokianga.  I have no concrete evidence that this is my family other than I was inexplicably drawn to Mere's name. I am asking if there  is anyone that could please help me or guide me to either confirm  that Ada Maria  Churchis nee Baker is of this lineage or I am to continue my journey to find who she was. Looking at the maps of the hokianga and Keri keri areas, the above information all appears to tie in. I do not have alot of information  on this side other than the family had land in Waipapa and may have laid claom to land in Hokianga and Te Papa both on the Baker and Bowyer sides. My grandfather died when I was two and the family history went with him.  I would love to be able to give my children a connection to their home and a line that they can look back on. 

I am happy to be contacted either on the forum or by email.  My email address is magsboliz@gmail.com


Thankyou for your time

Tasha Ngatai  nee Churches

Posted : 17 July, 2018 11:49 pm
New Member

Hi there, I'm related to Mere Maro through Frank Baker. I was just wondering if you could tell me our Marae. Thanks, Michael 

Posted : 14 October, 2018 10:32 pm
New Member

Kia Ora

I am a direct descendant of the marriage between Maria Munhall (Tari Tapua and Hugh Munhall , an Irish pioneer's daughter and Tari's 3rd marriage) and Micheal Maximus Baker (Mere Maro Koperu and John Holroyd' Baker's daughter). This marriage apparently united every hapu of Ngapuhi. Micheal's Father was the queens godson and would have been the Earl of Sheffield, had he not been disowned by his father. He came to New Zealand as a surveyor. His wife died on the trip over. He had 5 children to Mere Maro, but went back to England. The title went to his brother, who died without children, so the title was lost. Mere Maro's Father was Te Koperu as said above, her Mother was Heitiki. Maria Munhall was the grand daughter of Tapua., her uncles were Tama Waka Nene and Patuone.  There are many links online with all the above information. Both Tari's parents are direct descendants of Rahiri. I help this will help. The genealogy goes to Kupe and right back to Hawaiki. 

Posted : 19 October, 2018 4:06 am
New Member

Kia ora koutou

What an incredible site this is. Like many I came here looking for information around my whakapapa.  My name is Daniel Thompson and  Mere Maro Koperu is my great great great great grandmother. One of her daughters Bridget Baker went on to have a daughter named Alice Bridget Hunter to a man named George Hunter. Alice Bridget Hunter had many children (10 as far as I know) to Alexander Beazely one of which was Muriel Grace Beazley my great grandmother. Muriel married Sydney Ward Fishlock and they had seven children 3 boys and 4 girls.  One of those daughters was Lola Grace my gran who married William Jaques and brought my mother Judith Jaques into the world. I have been trying to learn more about Mere Maros life and wanted to trace back as far as I can.  I am a Maori medical student at the University of Otago and have been working with the Maori health Workforce development unit down here. Any further information on my wakapapa would help me to fill in the holes and continue my cultural discovery  

Posted : 13 December, 2018 2:39 am
New Member

Hi  Kelli.  

I hope that you're still on here. My great grandmother was Ada Baker sister to your Hogan. Would you be interested  in discussing this further? 

Many thanks

Posted : 17 March, 2019 10:03 am
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