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No_Logic OWC
New Member

Hi all,

I am thrilled to have discovered this forum. I am very very very indirectly linked to Charles and Gerty Bennett (nee Cheeseman). Gerty Cheeseman was my great aunt. She was the sister of my great grandfather Percy.
I am going to try to find a copy of the mentioned books and will let others know if I find copies in my area (Wellington).
Any info on the Charles and Gerty family would be great thanks.

Posted : 24 September, 2006 7:24 am
charlie_girl OWC
Active Member

hi charlie,i didnt even know this family line in 95,wished i had,only found out about 2000,after my g/mother died and my brothers were given sum of the family tree,thanks for your info.....
hi no logic,thanks for your info too,as much as i would like to help i didnt have any info which would help you sorry,the only thing i do know but not sure if its correct is that charles benett died and was buried in paeroa aug 1926,but like i said it could be incorrect...

hi hohai2,i will try and find the book..thanks

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Posted : 25 October, 2006 9:13 am
isha.waetford OWC
New Member

Kia Ora Koutou

Wow its so awesome to see this forum. I have always been very interested to learn about the Bennett Pokiha Whanau history. I was very lucky to have grown up with my grandmother who always talked a lot about our whakapapa and was very prescise in everything she knows. She is still alive an well and she encourages me to share with you all our whakapapa. We come from Horace's Line, Horace Greely Bennett married Erana Pu, the 2 of them had 21 children unfortunately 6 died at very young ages or were still born, but one of the survivors was my great grandmother Alice Te Wehenga Bennett. Alice married Reginald Reti from Karetu/Waikare and together they had My nan Nessie Hayden (nee Reti) who married my Papa Hepi Moanariki Waetford, From them came my Father Charles Waetford, who with My mother DeeAnn Herkt/Kopa had Me. Isha Capri Waetford.

I hope u all understood that.


As for the whakapapa going back from Matira and Henry all I know is.
James Bennett (born early 1700's), married Catherine Witham (Bennett)

Together they had Moses Bennett (born 1798) who married Julia Butler (Bennett) and Had Henry Riley Calvin Bennett (born 1819) and from there im sure you know the rest.

As for Matira Pokiha. (this is the name i have always used for her and have never heard the name pokihawere used).

I know the maori geneology of paternal ancestors.

Posted : 01 March, 2007 9:39 pm
isha.waetford OWC
New Member

Just letting you all know that I have the Books if you want any other info.

Also there is a Bennett Gazzette that is printed every 3 months its a newsletter that goes out to whanau. with all our whanau in it. Its a bit like whakakpapa and every month different people write their own whakapapa. Im not sure whether its still going as the last one i recieved was in 2004-5? But i have moved since so that could also be why.

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Posted : 01 March, 2007 11:38 pm
jacko OWC
New Member

Kia ora from Brisbane
listed on the content page of HOTBF booklet, Emily Dufty number 5 and number 8 Henry Riley Bennett we are direct linage
I'd be interested in the gazzette you mentioned isha, could you keep me posted on that?
i've named my Eldest daughter Matira-Emily, i'd like to find out as much as possible.

Posted : 16 March, 2007 2:54 pm
Lorraine Bennett OWC
New Member

My childrens father is the son of james bennett from awarua up north. We also went to the reunion in thames in 1995. we were given books and my son has taken my copy to oz, i am wanting to get more copies so each of my kids have one. does anyone know where i can get one from

Posted : 30 January, 2008 8:51 am
Active Member

the lady that was printing the gazzette is no longer doing it, Stuart Ward's book on the Bennett family is out of print and from what I can gather no-one has heard from him for a while.

Posted : 02 February, 2008 8:03 pm
teWai OWC
New Member

kia ora, my name is Janine Te Anau and my grandfather is William Owen Reginald Bennett a brother to Herny Bennett from Wanganui. We are the Bennett whanau from Pukekohe.

I have some info which koro Herny had passed over to me about the whakapapa and photos before he passed away.

Be keen to have a chat, you can contact me on

Hope to hear from you soon

Posted : 11 February, 2008 6:05 pm
New Member

kia ora, I too am a decndent of metira she is my gggg grandmother her daughter Lucy gamble Bennett is my ggg grandmother and Lucy daughter  my gg grandmother was edith may gamble Whittaker and my grandfather is William Charles Whittaker 

I live in Auckland and would love to know more as I'm only finding out info in the last year,

kia ora 

Posted : 26 November, 2018 8:41 pm
New Member

Hi there, can anyone help with information? I think I belong to this family line but not sure how connected. My great grandmothers maiden name was  Ruby Mary Bennett and she married a William Rodgers. I know my mum talks of an uncle Horace, Bunny, Charlie andAunty Iris and Pearl. Not sure if Ruby was their sister or cousin? Does anyone know who Ruby’s mother was? Her iwi? I know we have connections to Tairua. Thank you for any help


Posted : 03 June, 2019 7:40 am
New Member

My grandmother (so Ruby Bennett’s daughter) was Phyllis Merle Collett née Rogers if this helps. I think those names mentioned above were her brothers. 

Im really wondering how Ruby Mary Bennett fits in to the family tree. 

Thank you for any help 




Posted : 03 June, 2019 1:14 pm
New Member

Hi I am the grandson of Gordon Creeley Rahiri Bennett, I have info about the whanau if you are interest 0284035118

Posted : 06 June, 2019 5:28 pm