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BIDDLE, Rangi  

Active Member

Searching for my cousin known as, Rangi Biddle...

I only have what I know to go by on:
Born to Phillip Coleman and Anne? Biddle (not sure on his mothers first name)...
Born Rotorua area..
Would be 29ish now...

Im sorry its not alot to go by, but I only learnt of this a few weeks ago and I want to find all my whanau, to trace it all back. Would love to get in touch with any one that knows anything on it.

Much aroha, Kihi

Posted : 13 July, 2006 12:55 pm
Active Member

He also has a sister called Marina if thats any help??

Posted : 13 July, 2006 9:16 pm
bubbamohinz OWC
New Member

My gosh. I hope I have the right Rangi Biddle. I used to be real good friends to a Rangi Biddle at Tongariro High School, in Turangi, the years 1991-1993. He would be roughly the same age as you mentioned in your post. I knew his whanau quite well. They are the Biddles from Korohe. Korohe is 4-6kms north of Turangi, just off Highway 1 (heading north towards Taupo). But I haven't heard from that dude for many years, as I have moved away from Turangi and now living in Auckland. But the way to find Rangi is to get in contact with someone from Turangi who know the Biddles well. I know they still live in Korohe or Turangi. They are a huge Whanau. I might not have been of any help, but I hope I at least gave you a little direction. Good luck.

Posted : 12 August, 2006 2:23 am