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Grey, Hati, Cumberpatch, Wood, PATRICIA  

angelinas1 OWC
New Member

Kia Ora
My name is Angelina Grant(Grey) and I am interested in finding out about my relatives also due to having children of my own. Robyn Grey is my sister and I was lucky enough to have contact with her unitl we were about 14 years old and those memories I cherish. Hey Robyn please contact me again so we can get to know each others exsisting Whanau.

I believe our mothers name was PATRICIA MARGARET PAEA KAA HATI also known to have the following surnames GREY, WOOD, CUMBERBATCH.

Her mother was MABEL WOOD(HATI)I believe she worked at Auckland Hospital and lived in west auckland

There is supposed to be family in Opotiki and our Grand mother was from Whakatohea. But the information that we have was passed on through welfare officers and might not be accurate.

There are other siblings out there also some who were fostered out like me and some that stayed with whanau. the following are there names if any one has any info on them it would be appriciated.

Michael Grey - born(1970/71)
Robyn Grey - born(1975)
Carlos Cumberpatch
Cranston Cumberpatch, Jamie Cumberpatch

Posted : 16 May, 2006 6:04 pm