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Wahine Ben
New Member

Kia koutou

My name is Bernice and I am the eldest daughter off Ben Heta and my Mother is Mariana Te Keene. He was born in Kaihu and his dad was Te Wano (Bill) Heta (my grandfather whom I never met) of Poroti (don't know whether this is right)and his Mum was Whakarongotai Te Rore of Kaihu.
My great grandfather was Ta Heta and great grandmother was Kataraina Rako.
Never ever knew our Heta Whanau and still don't know. Our Grandad separated from our Nanny when Dad was only 8 and had another Whanau whom we met back in 1997. He changed his name to Adams (Dad doesn't know why) because when grandad left he told our Dad that never forget, you are a "HETA". So we now have this whole new whanau we are just getting to know which is awesome.
Would be great to get to know some of the Heta Whanau. I have 4 sisters and we all live in Porirua. We also have have a whangai brother, Benjamin (Brisbane) and he and my nephews Benjamin II and Rehutai (both in Otaki at the Wa) are able to carry Heta name on for our whanau.

Hope to hear from anyone.


Na Wahine Ben

Posted : 02 June, 2006 5:21 pm
superbee OWC
Active Member

Kia ora,
try these:
[f] Taituaa=Tiako [m] whangarei
Harama Wetekia= Whare Oneone
Heta Hongi = Heeni
Taa Heta notice spelling in "Taa"

May be related.

The Rako whanau has history in Dargaville.

Posted : 03 June, 2006 4:22 pm
stubbornforgey OWC
Active Member

AND Otara..
ummm..damn..forgot the rest of thier names.

Posted : 05 June, 2006 9:33 am
Tane_nz OWC
Active Member

Kia ora wahine i was whangai into a Edwards whanau at birth my dad is from Poriti whangarei a memeber of the Maori patalion who has now passed on late last year at 86 i have no information on birth fater i have lernt that my birth mother name is Piata Heta or knowen as pet is in whangarei, this lady i have never meet hmm mayb jst mayb could be the same lady we both looking for.

Posted : 06 June, 2006 11:01 am
Tane_nz OWC
Active Member

Same whanau i mean .. that we looking for
kia ora Tane

Posted : 06 June, 2006 11:04 am
Wahine Ben
New Member

kia ora to all who have answered. kapai. I will be following up on the names that have been given to me. We have only really found out about our Heta whanau thru an Aunty who is blind and lives in Wainuiomata. We know her as Sophie Rako and she is in her late eighties. We have a tendency to call her our Nanny but she corrects and says we are her nieces and Dad was her first cousin.

Thanks to everyone who has given me information.

Posted : 06 June, 2006 11:32 am
DaMaoriz OWC
Active Member

Kia ora

im a Heta also.. well my great grandfather was Joe Heta he died in the late 1930s or Early 1940s when my grandmother was only a lil tamariki.. all i know of him is that he was from the whangarei, area... im in the same boat as all of you! i dont know any of my family which is sad! thats y im on here 2 look for my whanau so any help would b cool..

Posted : 16 November, 2007 11:07 am
thelma_hale@yahoo.co.nz OWC
Active Member

Darn!! How many of us Heta's dont know our whanau?? This is pretty sad aye; but if you look on the bright side, we're probably all related. My gradfather was Donald Tani Heta whom married Lillian Rachel (nee Ratahi). My mum was born in Huntly so I somehow have the feeling from reading others taake that we are either from Whangarei and ventured out to the Waikato and Waiariki(taupo) areas. If you go to www.maorilandcourts.co.nz and go to unclaimed monies, there are a few Het's there with land all over the where. I hope this may help get you's further.
Happy hunting coz it's a mish!!

Posted : 18 December, 2007 7:31 pm
Wahine Ben
New Member

Kia ora Cuz

Thanks for that. True about our whanau. I live in Porirua Wellington and when my Dad died a rellie (John Heta) turned up to his tangi cos he saw the notice in the paper. Us kids never met him but he said he had met Dad years ago but didn't realise he was living in the Wellington region. Had a massive catch up. This is freaky I lived in Huntly for about 10 years, got married in Huntly and 4 of my tamariki were born there. Moved there 1967, married a local guy Rex Hohaia Jnr (ex husband now) and his parents were Rex Snr and Meri (nee Paki). Still visit Huntly cos my son lives there (Tama) and have cuzzies there too (Watene whanau)
Kia ora cuz will check the website out.
Bernice Heta-Hohaia

Posted : 19 December, 2007 7:23 am
pono OWC
Eminent Member

Kia ora whanau

Ae is it sad!
I don't know we links I'm sure we are from same tupuna here little whakapapa on my grandmother sides.
(sorry, didn't filled all, still searching)
My grandmother, her father(te motu) buried aotea marae. iwi RAUKAWA

abt 1700
(m) whongongatau/whangamatau = (f) te-rau-O-te-huia/te rau-atua

*had 4 children
(1)-(m)te motu arapeta heta = hinga hapimana
(3)-(f)te riri

I'm descedant te motu arapeta heta & hinga hapimana of taupo
* had 8 children

(nee-heta)= pateriki te huia
* had 8 children

(2nd)-(m)maataahu = akenehia
* had 8 children

(1st)-(f)this me pono = ngaope punoke

My great-grand father te motu arapeta heta carved mokai and waitahanui marae, taupo

kia ora wahine ben
I know the whanau you mentioned. I also lived in huntly.

ka kite

Posted : 19 December, 2007 12:06 pm