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Come on whanau,

In the matter of the land known as 'Te Akaaka' situated at or near Kaiapoi and of the estate, share, or interest of Hara Moenana (Hohaia TAUTAKIHINE), lived in Kaiapo in 1908. Hara or Hohaia died in August, 1895.

At a sitting of the court held in Wellington on the 28 March, 1898, it was determined that:

11..Tiaki Horomona.

Is one of the persons who is entitled to succeed to the estate, share, or interest of and in the said land whereto the deceased died entitled, and it is hereby ordered that the said share or interest shall vest in the above named successor equally as of August,1895.

IF you are able to supply information about this person please contact Niki Partsch, Maori Trust Office or email partn@tpk.govt.nz or phone (04) 922 9226, or by post Maori Trust Office, PO Box 5038, Wellington.

Come on whanau someone must know this person or tipuna/tupuna.

Noho ora mai whanau, come on whanau, get with it.

Posted : 01 February, 2007 2:36 pm