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Kurumate Makarini (Mcleod)  

Kapi Whenuaroa
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Kia Ora

Hoping to find some decendants of Kurumate Makarini, i have no solid infomation but believe she may have been from Hawai and resided in Ruatoria in her married life,  if the info i have is correct then she was a child of around 17 children. I think Pahata or Puhata Makarini may be a key name, possibly also Oriwia. Not sure how they tie in to her.

This is all hear say and i will stress here that my information is not entirely reliable as it has been given to me as unclarified information.

I am trying to trace the whakapapa of my great grandmother who was Te Ani aka Annie and had multiple surnames, some i have been told include Te Ani George, Akuhata, Te Owai and also her married name Arapeta. This nanny was the wife of Paora Arapeta from Omaio. After speaking with my mother and aunty, they remember their father telling them that Nanny Ani was in Ruatoria and working at the school, the other thinks it may have been the post office. I am Suspecting her mother may have been Kurumate Makarini (Te Owai) but not certain? Hence why im searching for decendants. We believe Te Ani passed away in 1962 with the surname Te Owai and possibly buried in Ruatoria. Again, not sure at all. My mother and aunty vaguely remember meeting aunties that were mcleans but cant remember first names when they attended my grand fathers tangi in Whanganui.

Thank you to anyone that has any info and can point me on the right track.

Posted : 14 November, 2018 3:56 pm
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I'm not a relative just helping out, I have found on NZ Births Deaths and Marriages website some certificates that may help your search. 

1962/36829 Albert AKA Arapeta AKA Te Owai Annie AKA Te Ani AKA Annie 59Y

the above is Annie's death cert.

The 1954 and 1957 Electrol Rolls have a Te Ani Arapeta at Te Puia Springs as a Cook her Tribe been Ngati Porou sub tribe Te Awera. No Paora listed for those years.

Paora Arapeta according to his WW1 army record was born 5 June 1890, he's listed as a single labourer and his next of kin was his mother a Mrs Awhirakau Arapeta from Omaio Opotiki. Paora's death is 24 Dec 1929 at Maraenui I beleive the NZBDM certificate below is his. His army record can be accessed here www.archway.archives.govt.nz

1930/12361 Arapeta Paora NR

NZBDM marriage registered date 

1908/6163 Kurumate Makarini Henare Te Owai


also a couple of children registered (possibly not their actual birth years) maybe more children unregistered.

1917/30527 Te Owai Hine Makaho Kurumate Henry -  
1917/30529 Te Owai Rora Rangi Kurumate Henry

possibly Kurumate's death cert 

1961/41751 Te Owai Oriwai Kurumate 86Y

.In the NZ Gazette of 25 Nov 1886 there is a reference to a Henry te Owai male 4 yrs, Keita te Owai female 17 yrs , and Ereti te Owai female 3 yrs which has them living at Paraeroa Waiapu on 20 Apr 1886, this is approx 79 miles North of Gisborne. It relates to an application for a Certificate of Title to land there with the trustee for the children been a Himiona Hapai. 

The Electrol Roll for 1908 has a Henare Owai, tribe Ngati Porou, sub tribe Te Aowera hes living at Hiruharama.

The Electrol Roll for 1919 has a Henare te Owai Tribe Ngati Porou, sub tribe Te Aowera living at Tokomaru. 

So Annie ER's from 1954 and 1957 both state the same tribe and sub tribe as Henare te Owai.

The ER's and the Gazette info all come from records on Ancestry. You can also order printouts of the certificates from NZ Births Deaths and Marriages website, don't get a certificate get the printout as its cheaper and is a direct copy of the actual cert ie has more info usually. Also check Maori Land Online, Paperspast.

Hope this helps


Posted : 27 November, 2018 2:46 am