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Kia Ora I dunno where to start in this quest, but I would like to know if anyone is familiar with the surname WIARI reason I am asking is to gain knowledge for our tamariki, I am learning my whakapapa and now trying to find out more of my Husbands Whakapapa.
We currently use his mothers marae as his "home base" which in turn is her mothers "home base"
My Husband didnt know his father so I'm looking at his grandfathers line?
The person I am referring to is Dan Rangi who took his father's first name. Te Rangi Wiari, I was told by my mother inlaw Peggy Teresa Puketapu Rangi that over time the Te was dropped for reason she was unsure of. She knew of another brother of Dan's following suit with the Te Rangi name and the rest of the siblings keeping the Wiari name.
Do I make sence lol? I understand it I hope you can follow?
Any infomation great or small will be greatly recieved.

Posted : 06 September, 2006 1:10 am
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There is a big whanau of Wiari in Whanganui, (2 brothers), one married my mum's sister and the other brother married into my fathers side. We all affiliate to the Whanganui River, to Raetihi, then over to Taihape and then just about all over the motu. But most of us were brought up in Raetihi together. and there is another family that is also very close to the Wiari side and that is the Menehira or Manihira whanau (hope I don't have the names spelt wrong), and I think they were half brothers.
I'm surprise one of them has'nt read your panui yet.


Posted : 06 September, 2006 12:26 pm
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Kia Ora Kiriwai
Thankyou so much for your reply, it has given me a start, I wish I had more information to give as who the siblings first names were of my Husbands grandfather, If I remember rightly in one of my many chats with my mother in law she said her dad was born in Otorohunga.

KIA ORA na Lee

Posted : 06 September, 2006 5:46 pm
Dianne H
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Kia Ora, Try Ivan Wiari in the Wanganui phone book.

Posted : 12 October, 2006 7:56 am
Tenneile Baker OWC
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Kia-Ora...I'm not sure where to start..
My mums maiden name is Rangimoeakau but was cut down to Rangi. My mum said that my nanny couldn't fit Rangimoeakau on her birth certificate so my nan just wrote Rangi.

My mums name is Waireti Baker (nee Rangimoeakau)
Grew up in Rotorua and was whangaied into the Te Aranui Matenga Whanau..My mum and dad is living in porirua been there for 21 years..

if you'd like to know more info you can email my mum on d.vbaker@xtra.co.nz

Posted : 15 October, 2006 6:01 am
Munch OWC
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Kia Ora Whiskey
Good news! We had a family meeting last weekend & a reunion for the descendants of Te Rangi Wiari is being planned for Easter 2009.

p.s - I met uncle Pat, uncle Tui & aunty Deena.

Posted : 22 February, 2008 5:41 pm
Kataraina Tokomauri Bedford
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My connection to the Wiari name is from the Rotorua area as my Grandmother was a Wiari and they farmed in the Horohoro area and lived in Whakarewarewa Pa with her sisters my kuia's, also their are other Wiara whanau's connections in Rotorua.
Ka Bedford nee Raponi

Posted : 23 February, 2008 11:02 pm