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Kia Ora my name is regan I am one of many of Joseph Tate great grandchildren’s from Motuti,Panguru. his brothers that I know is Pa Henare Tate and Georgie Tate that is all I know I think he has more sisters and brothers I don’t know. His dad is Hohepa Tate and his mum is Sarah Tate so those are my great great grandparents. Today my great grandfather found his great grandparents William Tate and Sarah Tate they died in 1901 they’re buried with their sons Henry and Thomas Tate in West Auckland they migrated from Ireland.  So they were born around the 1800s I’m probably the only one from my Tate generation that is tryna find we I come from I am only 22 and yeah hopefully I have yous some answers.. cheers my Tate Whanau 

Posted : 27 January, 2019 1:25 am
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New Member

Hi Regan, 

My name is Jayden Yakas.

I am from the same Marae your Tate ancestors and current family come from. Motuti/Tamatea Marae. 

Two great Auntys (i assume auntys) of your Tate family are still alive. Rangi and Rita Tate. They currently reside in Motuti. 

Not sure if you knew that or not or what ancestor information you were after. 

Feel free to get in touch on facebook 🙂


Jayden Yakas

Posted : 28 January, 2019 8:14 am
New Member

Hi Reagan. I am a direct descendant of William Tate. I am assuming that your great grandfather is my uncle, if I'm correct, then your great grandmother was Winnie.  Your great grandfathers dads name was John, not Hohepa, and his mum was Sarah.  William Tate and his wife Jane immigrated to New Zealand in 1863, sailing on the Owen Glendower, travelling from Plymouth UK in June 1863 and arriving in Auckland in Sep 1863. This is the line from William Tate to your great grandfather: 

William Tate married Jane Netterville.  Their son Joseph Tate married Hera Paparoa.  Their son John Tate married Sarah Howard.  Their son Joseph Tate married Winnifed Roberts.

Pa published a book called Motuti Marae - Graduation Celebrations.  Your great grandfather may know where to get hold of one. It has the Tate and close relations whakapapa in it.  It is very interesting reading. By the way, my name is Raewyn, and my mum is your great grandfathers sister, her name was Hine.  Hope i have answered some of your questions. Would like to know who your grandparents are.

Posted : 06 February, 2019 5:05 am
New Member

Hey mate,

I came across your post because I'm also trying to find out where the Tate family comes from! My last name however is Turner, but the Tate side is my mum Raewyn's side of the family.

Pa Henare Tate was my grand uncle, so I'm assuming your great grandfather is also my grand uncle. From memory, Joseph had/has 2 sisters. One of them was my nana Hinemoana Tate (Kaka) she passed away back in 2006. I'm not sure on the where abouts on the rest of her siblings if they are still alive. I do know that Pa Tate also passed away in 2017 both Hine and Pa are buried at Moutiti.

Do you know where in West Auckland William and Sarah are buried? I live out West and want to know more about our Tate side too. Hope this has cleared things up a little for you.



Posted : 23 February, 2019 5:43 am
New Member

@regan my name is repeka, my mother is Margaret tate, my grandfather is George but people always called him dawsie when I was growing up. My mum or aunty wendy maybe be able to help you more. Just look on Facebook 


Posted : 29 July, 2019 6:12 am
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