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Wiremu Teohomauri OWC
Active Member

If there is anyone researching the Houkamau or the McClutchie families then I have online whakapapa for both families that may be of some help to you. The database is by no means complete and any additions or corrections will be gladly welcomed. Just send me an email with the new info and I will update the database.
I have links to the 2 sites on my profile page which can be accessed by clicking on my name to the left of this message and clicking on the links under "Cool Links" on that page

Posted : 21 August, 2007 10:01 am
allikat1 OWC
Active Member

Kia ora koutou, my name is Allister Walker and I have always wondered if I was related to the Houkamau whanau.

I was always told by my father that we were as one of our tupuna was named Te Houkamau and i'm not sure if it is just coincidence.

Our Te Houkamau was a mokopuna of Te Ehutu, the son of Te Rangipuananga and Hineate. My aunties and uncles on the Savage side have always maintained that the Houkamau whanau are also our whanau.

The only other connection I know of is Tipiwai Houkamau Stainton, who married my aunty Uru Koopu. It would be neat if someone could clear this up for me.

Posted : 21 December, 2007 8:51 pm
Firenz OWC
Active Member

Ohh, can I have a copy, I'm related through to Kakahutangotia & Te Whakataha (parents of Te Houkamau) but descended down through Apikara Houkamau and George Gillespie Boyd.

I hope the offer is still available 🙂

Posted : 11 February, 2008 9:40 am
Wiremu Teohomauri OWC
Active Member

Kia ora Firenz. I have uploaded a copy of the Houkamau Family Tree to my server that you can download to your computer and if you have a printer you can print out a copy. Be warned that it is a huge file and there are 30xA4 pages in total so unless you have a broadband internet connection it may take a while to download. I have started the file at Whakatahaterangi and Kakahutangohia, (Iharaira's parents) and the file includes their other child Te Rangiherea (Iharaira's sister). The url for the file is http://wharekahika.co.nz/Whakatahaterangi.rtf and although you have the option of opening the file online, I recommend that you download to your computer before trying to open and print, so as to avoid any transfer errors. I have also uploaded a small pedigree chart for Wi Pahuru that shows some of his ancestry. The url for this is http://wharekahika.co.nz/WiPahuru.rtf This file is very small and you can use the 'open' option rather than the 'download' option to view this.
Both these files require you to have Microsoft Word installed on your computer in order to read them

Edited by - Wiremu Teohomauri on Feb 13 2008 8:21:58 PM

Posted : 13 February, 2008 8:16 pm