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Eva Lena Nelson (Tui) died in 1970  


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05 June, 2014 6:31 pm  

I am trying to track my whakapapa. All I know about my g grandmother is that she was born in Wellington, in either 1879 or 1881 (listed as 2 separate dates). She has no birth certificate. Her surname was recorded as Nelson on her marriage certificate, but this might have been her father's first name. On her marriage certificate she was named as Eva Lena Nelson. She was known as Tui, which was short for Tuaiwa (=Eva). She taught in a Wesleyan Mission in Northland in 1897/1898 as she was fully bilingual. She married James Edward Giles (II) in 1900 (at the Pitt St Methodist Church in Auckland). James had come over to Northland with the Wesleyan Missionaries from Tonga in 1898/1899. James and Tui went to Tonga in 1900, and Tui was to teach English in the Tongan royal household. Her first child, Charlotte was born 6 months after her wedding to James. Charlotte=Salote (Tongan equivalent) which was the name of the Tongan princess-later Queen. They moved to Weymouth, NZ in 1911.

Nga mihi nui