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WILLIAMS, David: Looking for my Dad  


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21 May, 2019 2:09 am  

Hi Everyone.. I have been searching for my Dad.. since I was 16... a wee while now..

David Williams, a red headed Maori, is my dads name, maybe from Hawkes Bay or with connections to Dame Whine Cooper tribe

.my birth mother is in the photo with him. My birth mother and adoptive mother ( my grandmother ) did not think I deserved help in locating my dad. What I’ve heard.. but not sure is true... I was conceived on Tahunanui Beach (Nelson) my dad and birth mother Karen Sandra Nairn.. both lived in Nelson.. 1975/1976... my birth mother was flown from Arohata to Wellington to give birth to me. My grandmother adopted me, before my birth mother was released. My Dad evidently has a sister Diana and a grandmother named Pearl. I have been told my father has passed. When I was 3, my dad walked into The Carlton, a restaurant/bar/bottle shop in Christchurch.. looking for my birth mother and wanting to take me.
I’ve never met my Dad.. if he or his family are out there, I’m not expecting them to be my family.. but the missing link to completing my puzzle and meeting my whanau.. would be unbelievable. P.s.. I’m not in the photo.. the wee boy is my birth mothers younger brother. Thank you in advance for any ideas/support you may have. I’ve tried electoral rolls/Red Cross/missing pieces..

i do have have a photo.. on my Facebook page. 


Many thanks in advance


Rachel Blake




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23 May, 2019 10:35 pm  

Here is a photo that may help people to recognize David WILLIAMS

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