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TAITUA, Harete / KARAUNA, Joe (Snr): Searching For Whanau  


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18 December, 2011 2:15 pm  

Hi, my name is KATHERINE KARAUNA and I am searching for relatives of my grandfather's adopted parents. My grandfather's name is JOE KARAUNA and his biological mother is MEREKIRIHIMETE WAENGA ( nee NAMANA). I have sufficient knowledge of Nanny Mere but I would love to learn more about my grandfather's mum and dad. I beleive JOE KARAUNA (Snr) is of the REWIRI/REWERI whanau Nga Puhi but am very unsure about that as I have only seen it written on the back of my grandmother's bible. I am trying to get together a Whakapapa Book with any and everything I am able to put in it. Any information about my nan HARETE TAITUA and JOE KARAUNA is greatly appreciated.

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10 May, 2012 8:47 pm  

Kia ora,

I have been looking around for information to try and help you and I see that you have been searching for at least 10 years!

Have you tried [url= http://www.familysearch.org/eng/]Family search[/url] as there are a few records in there for the surnames - I am not familiar with who is who but you may be able to find extra information to add to your kete 😀 Make sure you use the link above - else you will go to their new site that is not as good for finding whakapapa as their old site!

Have a look in the [url= http://whakapapa.maori.org.nz/archives/]Wakapapa Club Research Archives[/url] - put one name in and then check out all of the posts - although you may find that alot of those are you!

You could also try the [url= http://whakapapa.maori.org.nz/directories/]Whakapapa Club eMail directories[/url]

If you have not tried before, use an advanced search string in google like this

[quote]taitua AND karauna -katherine -kat[/quote]

making sure that you have it exactly as I have typed it.

[url= http://whakapapa.maori.org.nz/articles.php?article_id=15]Tips for Searching Google in Relation to Whakapapa[/url] will explain everything if you are unsure of the advanced search syntaxes.

Good luck!

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!

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13 May, 2012 8:41 pm  

Hohepa (Joe) Karauna is a son of Karauna Rewiri. This is the Crown whanau. Waima in the Hokianga is where they originate from. Hohepa is an uncle to my aunty Marara Hook of Te Rawhiti Bay of Islands. She'd be my best bet for your inquiries.
All the best!

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15 April, 2014 12:10 am  

Kia ora ...Hohaia and Kat...this is a message from Aunty Marara Te Tai Hook of Te Rawhiti....Firstly, the information that the post saying that we are the Crown whanau is incorrect.
And we do NOT originate from Waima, Hokianga, although we are whanaungatanga to Te Mahurehure hapu.
Karauna Rewiri took his surname Rewiri, from his fathers christian name as was common in those days -