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Andrea M
Active Member
Joined: 10 years ago
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15 May, 2011 5:06 pm  

Kia ora Matiu,

I know of some Uerata from Mokoroa and Rakaunui, more from Mokoroa/Kawhia.

My sister in law is an Uerata. I could, with your permission, write down your info, and ask her if she knows your whakapapa and is willing to go back as far as she can. I have heard via her and others of their whānau, that looking into their whakapapa isn't allowed, so as you can imagine, the knowledge they do have can be quite limited. However, I'll ask her anyway, she may know more or may know of someone who has more.

Kia ora rā

Nāku noa,

Andrea M

Te Morehu
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Joined: 8 years ago
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14 June, 2014 11:08 pm  

Kia ora this may be a long time after your original post but I have found that on my mothers side that they were Wharerarauhe's from Ngati Hua but they were I believe tainui but im not sure perhaps we can compare notes I am from Hori Wharerarauhe and Ngapuha.