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Jason NORMAN  

ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
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On 10/02/05 Jason Norman (32 years) son of Walter and Thereasa (dec.) Norman passed away unexpectantly in Tauranga. Funeral to be at Maretu Urupa, TE HAPUA on Sunday 13/02/05.

Posted : 11 February, 2005 11:34 pm
ngati_kuri@hotmail.com OWC
Eminent Member

Update: 10 - 15 February 2005

Jason was brought home by family from Tauranga to Te Hapua (approximately 800 kms) as soon as official paperwork and funeral arrangements were done. There was a stop in Ramarama for a service for those in Auckland to attend as Jason passed through on his way north. Family in Kaitaia were oncall for the funeral procession and mourners as a final stop in the 11 hours journey north.The rain although not the best conditions to travel in especially through the Mangamuka Gorge at 3 AM, rather than impeding the journey gave the travellers a sense of sorrow but nonetheless spiritual refreshment from God.
Jason had over 200 people attend his burial on Monday 14th February and they travelled from all over NZ and Australia.
From Friday 11th until Tuesday 15 February the Marae provided 100's of meals and accommodation to Jason's family. We are all still at a loss as to why such a thoughtful loving man is no longer with us.

Losing any family member is a tragedy and this family has just recently (Dec 2004) lost another young relative (25 year old mother of 4 all under 5 years) due to not coping with the trials and tribulations of our very stressful lives.

This affects our very young, teenagers, adults, frail and aged.

A week prior to the death of Jason there were two men (both in their 30's) from Ahipara who died and left behind grieving families.
On the 16 February, Two days after Jason's burial Valentin, from Mangamuka, 37 years old and father of two couldn't cope and he became another tragedy.
These people may not be your immediate family, but we are kin nonetheless through our bloodlines.
Our young men and women are getting knocked over through the pressures of life. Our frail and aged have the knowledge (mana) without the physical strength. Our young aren't able to direct their physical strength into effective problem solving.

It is a sad state of affairs. Any suggestions greatly appreciated and I will leave this update with the words,

"Where is the love Where is the love Where is the love?"

Posted : 25 February, 2005 6:26 pm