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Sylva Newsletter May 2004 No. 1  

Rozita OF
Active Member

Issue 1 - May 2004


www.NgatiKuri.tk < http://www.NgatiKuri.tk> R Leoni nee Sylva 169 Carrington Rd MT ALBERT NZ (09) 846 0245

Hello to all that are related to the Portuguese man Josef Sylva who entered NZ approximately 139 years ago and married Raiha Te Maihia. Of the three children Meri, Isaac & Priscilla, Meri had three children, two leaving no issue & one, Mona having two sons. Isaac had twelve children and after Isaac’s death in 1921 his wife remarried and had two more children. Priscilla had one daughter and an adopted son. However both died without issue.

So today you surname may be Sylva, Silva or Hiriwa. You may have even reverted back to including the Da in front. Some other families trace their roots back to Portuguese men who jumped ship in the 1860’s, but we are the other ones! Which is a tongue in cheek way of saying to date we have not been linked to those that jumped ship, hid from the law and settled in Mangonui.

On our Sylva canvas, some painting has been started. Many already have their family details to add. There comes a time when we must work together and complete the Remarkable Sylvas and I hope this newsletter will be our link. Later we can organise a meeting of all from near and far.
Welcome to the family!!

As this is Issue 1, I am appealing to all interested in supporting this newsletter to send any information about your immediate or extended family for Issue 2 which can come out as soon as I receive something to put in it.

Calendar of Events, Dates, Meetings & Announcements:
Saturday 15 May 2004 Meeting: 141 Robertson Rd MANGERE (Community Room next to Centre Park) 10 AM.
For all families who ‘whakapapa’ back to Te Hapua. Annual General Meeting (AGM) to form an incorporation. Proposed name “Proprietors of Ngati Kuri Incorporation”. Meal (all invited to bring a plate). Confirm details on the June 4 - 6th Queen’s Birthday Weekend trip to Te Hapua. If you would like to register for the Beneficiaries roll, please forward your details to: Yvonne Tauariki 15B Avis Rd Papatoetoe before the 15 May Meeting.

Sunday 16 May 2004 Live Day & Pui Nui Official opening: Howick Historical Village Bells Rd Pakuranga 10 - 5 PM. Highlights of itinerary 10.30 AM Tour with Historian. 11 AM Victorian Photographer 2 PM Official opening of Puhi Nui Homestead. Admission: Family: $25.00 Adults $10.00 Seniors $8.00. Josef Sylva lived in Howick until 1920.

Friday to Sunday 4 - 5 - 6 June 2004 ‘Te Hapua Hikoi’. The purpose of the weekend is to travel, learn, eat and stay together as a family and to bridge the gap between the present and the past. There is much to organise, so all interested, all hands on deck, any little bit helps. Approximate cost could be $4,000 ($200 for 20 persons or $100 for 40 persons) for bus hire, food & marae hire. See above.
Arrivals: Kiri Te Hira’s daughter has recently given birth ??? and welcome to Sharmayne’s daughter Raiha Te Maihia born??? (More details please).
Headstone Unveilings: Queen’s Birthday Weekend Ahipara & Kaumaumau. Ring Bob Mehana for details 570 8693.

Profile of Eloise Leoni - May 2004
My name is Eloise Leoni. I was born in Sydney Australia in 1996 and I am 7 years old. I am in New Zealand with my Mum Rozita and my Nana Rita. My Nana lives in Auckland except for the time she moved to Dunedin in 1991 where her son Grant & his family live. Between 1991 - 1998 my Nana visited her four daughters Rozita, Gina, Royda & Julita and their families in Maroubra, Beverly Hills & Hinchinbrook - Sydney and Umina Central Coast Australia. My Nana came back to Auckland and stayed with Terry (Aaron’s Dad) in 1998. I have an Uncle Aaron and Aunt Sheryl and cousins Cohen, Tamara & Baylee living on the island (Waiheke). My mother says there are many people in NZ and overseas we are related to. We haven’t met many of them yet. My Great Great Great Grandfather Josef came from a place called Portugal and sailed here from far, far away. When he got here he didn’t go back on the ship as he met a beautiful Maori girl named Raiha and they got married. They had three children Meri, Isaac & Priscilla. The sad thing was Raiha died young. A long time later Josef married another woman called Sarah, but they didn’t have any children. Meri, Isaac and Priscilla had children. Meri’s daughter, Nana Mona is 96 this year and the oldest person in our family. One of Isaac’s twelve children with Hannah, Joseph grew up and married Martha and one of their twelve children Marguerite met Roy and got married and my Mum is one of their five children.
I like meeting my relatives but I like playing and drawing, my dog & three cats in Australia best. I like my school in New Zealand, but I also miss my friends in Australia and my garden at school. I am happy with my Mum & Nana.

DISCLAIMER: All information herein is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate and not intended to be divisive. If there are corrections please forward them at your earliest convenience so they can be rectified in the next issue.

Profiles on family units especially appreciated.

If you have a announcement, engagement, wedding, recent bereavement or unveiling please forward.

All families of Sylva, Henare, Hinga, Mehana, Aperahama (Abraham), Rawhiti, Epere, Te Hira, Railton, Wilson, Ratahi, Waipouri, Tauariki,, Leoni, Stanton, Starr, Harris, Salmon, McClenaghan, Rankin, Jefferies, Clark etc etc we can’t write about you, that’s your job. Write a little, write a lot. Blow your trumpet. Tell us about the princes and princesses in your family. Historical reference would be great however what your family has been up to recently will also be fine.

Hope to catch up soon for that chat and cup of tea!!


Any computer whizzes, desktop publishers, persons that have a photocopier etc & want to take over this newsletter or contribute to its production & distribution are welcome to phone Rozita 846 0245.

Terry Ewart partner of Rita Leoni passed away suddenly on 9/12/03. Condolences to Rita & son Aaron & his family.

Mona Maenecke nee Buboltz Sylva lost her husband Luther in Berlin 2 years ago and sends her greeting to all her family


Posted : 10 May, 2004 5:08 pm