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Chief Waikato - Hikutu, Rangihoua  

NeilsonRameka OWC
Active Member

Hello, I am researching my whakapapa and would like to know if anyone has any info on Chief Waikato from Te Hikutu who settled in Rangihoua. I am a descendant of Puhi, Waikato's brother. A couple of specific questions with regard to Waikato's sister/s and brothers. Does anyone have their names. I believe Waikatos sister to be Karuhi who married Phillip Tapsell and his brother to be Wharepoaka?

Sorry one other questions, why did Waikato go from the HOKIANGA too Rangihoua?

Many thanks

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Posted : 28 July, 2007 9:39 am
hohaia2 OWC
Eminent Member

I've recently found out that Chief Waikato was buried in Kororareka [Russell], most likely at the old historical Christ Church cemetery. There are a few unmarked graves there, so there's no kohatu marking his final resting place.
I was also told that Chief Waikato is portrayed on the old one shilling coin [10 cent coin] and most likely on the New Zealand Police insignia.
Chief Waikato's son was Mokaraka Waikato.
Chief Waikato was also known as Hohaia Parati [Parata] Waikato I believe.

Na Hohaia.

Posted : 28 July, 2007 2:25 pm
NeilsonRameka OWC
Active Member

Hello, hohia2

Many thanks for the informative response, it is greatly appreciated. Do you have any further information/whakapapa, and can you confirm or deny that Wharepoaka is Waikato's brother?



Posted : 28 July, 2007 3:20 pm