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HOHAIA, Heni  

Robyn Reihana OWC
Active Member

Looking for any information regarding the whakapapa of Heni (Jane) Hohaia believed to have died in 1916 after giving birth to her daughter Matekino Nathan.

The father of Matekino was Renata Netana Patuawa son of Ratima and Te Waimarama Netana Patuawa.

My grandmother Matekino told me that her father and mother had an estranged relationship and that she never knew her mother, she was told by her aunties and uncles that her mother died after giving birth to her. How ever this korero was rarely spoken of and kept my grandmother curious. A few years before my grandmother passed she tried to find where her mother was buried but was unsuccessful.

I am hoping someone may be able to help me find the whakapapa of Heni Hohaia.

Posted : 20 January, 2007 12:38 am
sylvy OWC
Active Member

Tena koe Robyn,I am searching for information on my grandfather who was raised by the Wihongi whanau in Kaikohe. All info I have gathered to date suggests that his birth name was Pare Patuawa, last child born, to Ratima and Te Waimarama. He carried the name of Ned Nahi Cross during his lifetime, I am convinced that he and Pare Patuawa are one in the same. I desperately would love to confirm my findings but as Matekino experienced, this korero,it would seem was never spoken of. I expect, the only history, I will find regarding Pare Patuawa, will be korero. Our Tupuna would have had good reason for their actions at that time, however it has served us no justice, two short generations later.

Posted : 26 May, 2007 11:09 am
Active Member

Kia ora Robyn, I am related to Hohaia thru marriage in taranki.
If you would like to contact me i can pass you onto uncle jack who has extensive Hohaia whakapapa and would be more than happy help should it be the same Hohaia whanau.
Email me at kiwiblitz@hotmail.com
Kia kaha

Posted : 26 May, 2007 3:00 pm