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TIKIKU, John  

RapanaNukunuku OWC
New Member


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Posted : 11 March, 2005 12:28 pm
Trusted Member

Kia ora Rapana/Nukunuku,

The following are the only URL's that I could find with the Name Tikiku. I suggest you contact the Tikiku people on the pages and see if they can help you



If you go to www.familysearch.org you can search for Ranapa as the surname, and set the country to NZ. There are quite a few Rapana there, but you may recognise some of the names.

Good luck and let us know how you get one

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!

Posted : 19 March, 2005 11:45 pm
RapanaNukunuku OWC
New Member

thankyou for the help..i responded to a couple of connecting sites you offered,but no reply since??oh well i will keep trying..lol..somewhere someone knows something

Posted : 06 April, 2005 8:39 pm
tea01don OWC
New Member

Kia Ora,
For any futher info about the Tikiku whanau contact my dad Kiwi Te Awhe on 063438737 or 0272579656.
Ur Koro was Joe Tikiku and my dad mum was Hariata Tikiku and she married Tuhaereao Te Awhe
Ur Koro Joe sister.
My dad met ur sister April who worked at the Wanganui Wollen Mills which was afew years ago.
Ur father had a brother and a sister Kawakawa and Bill and she married Kani Blake she died when she was young, she also had a daughter who was staying in Patea and her name was Paki but her nick name Bibbi.
My dad knew ur dad and they use to call him John Tuhaka and he travelled alot. If u run into any Te Awhe in Hawera they are ur cousins. If u want any more info about the Tikiku Whanau contact my dad on the above numbers at nite. We live in Wanganui. Ur Koro is buried at Waipapa Marae Waitotara.

Posted : 03 May, 2005 12:58 pm
RapanaNukunuku OWC
New Member

Pauline is my mother(2nd eldest)
and Geneva(the eldest),April and John(youngest) are her siblings..
these are all my koros kids to Kamaea-Ngarangi also known as "Patsy" Tikiku (nee Rapana) who lived in Kaiti-Gisborne all her life(my nan).
my mother Pauline remembers her father as john had taken her from school in tolaga and started on his way back to taranaki with her but was caught up with on the way there and forced to hand pauline back over to my nan,my mother was only small then but remembers her father with aroha,pauline only had one child "Kirsty" who is me,i am so gratefull for your input as i have been searching for a long time as the family(my auntys and uncle)are reluctant to talk about my koro as they never knew him,only my mother freely expresses her memorys of my koro seeing as her memorys of him are vivid..Geneva the eldest cant realy remember her father as she was the eldest and spent most her time with her grand parents and then she was off to singapore with the air force straight from Tolaga bay..
i have just had my 31st in april and recently after that have come out of hospital from giving birth to my 2nd child(Ngarangi),and this information and phone numbers and where abouts of any information including his burial site about him(my koro)has bought me great joy and relief..
cheers to the begining of a new journey xx
will be in contact with those numbers soon as i have passed this info on to my mother..
thankyou kirsty xx

Posted : 11 May, 2005 9:56 am