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lost-but-loved OWC
New Member

Kia ora
I am trying to find out who and where my family/ies are from.
My Dads parents have both passed on. Their names were Penor King
(Grandad) and Terenui King (Nan) nee Paul. I have been told that my Grandads surname was Wiperi but he had a fall out with whanau and changed it to King. I am not sure if this is correct or not.
I think my grandad was ngatikoroki and my nan was ngaterangi. My marae is Te Apunga (Paparamu) in Tirau.
My Mums parents I have been able to trace back to Whakatohea - Tuhoe? descent.
My great great great Grandmother was Rawa Te Puia who married Hopa Te Wheko (O Ngaterangi Tribe).
I dont know how to do my whakapapa -hapu,maunga,waka,awa etc.
I grew up thinking I was NgatiRaukawa.
My family live and come from Tirau in the Waikato.
Can somebody shed some light on where I belong and how I am able to work out my Whakapapa and my iwi etc.
Its so frustrating not knowing I have 4 children whom I would like to pass this knowledge onto.
I would appreciate any help advice etc. I thank you in advance

Posted : 11 January, 2007 6:29 pm
muligan-moeke@xtra.co.nz OWC
New Member

nga mihi ki a koe whanaunga,

I know your koro and kuia very well,your kuia was kai karanga on our marae,Paparamu,alongside with Aunty Tess Ruru,when Aunty Tess passed away,Aunty Tere never came back to Paparamu,it was sad not to see her at Paparamu,however her health wasnt the best also.
You see, like you, I'm also tracing whakapapa on my koro and kuia lines from Paparamu marae.

This is a pepeha you might be interested in.This will help you and your tamariki on how to introduce your self in Maori.

Ko Tainui toku waka
Ko Maungatautari toku maunga
Ko Waikato toku awa
Ko Raukawa toku iwi o te Kaokaoroa o Patetere
Ko Ngati Te Apunga toku hapu
Ko Te Apunga te whare tupuna
Ko Paparamu toku marae
Ko Laurence Moeke toku ingoa.
Ko Marshall Moeke raua ko Dorrie Moeke oku matua

Tainui is my canoe
Maungatautari is my mountain
Waikato is my river
Raukawa is my tribe of Kaokaoroa o Patetere
Ngati Te Apunga is my hapu
Te Apunga is my tupuna whare
Paparamu is my marae
Laurence Moeke is my name
Marshall Moeke and Dorrie Moeke are my parents

My mum was brought up on Paparamu marae, my dad was brought up in Te Teko.

Here is my fathers pepeha when I introduce myself on my fathers side.

Ko Mataatua tana waka
Ko Putauaki tana maunga
Ko Rangitaiki tana awa
Ko Ngati Awa tana iwi
Ko Ngati Hamua tana hapu
Ko Rongotangiawa tana whare tupna
Ko Te Mapau tana marae
Ko Marshall Moeke toku papa
Ko Kawhena Moeke raua ko Irihapeti Moeke oku tipuna

He wahnaunga, I hope this will help you.Finding out whakapapa is lengthy process,its like putting a big jigsaw together but I was told by my kaumatua and my dad that when you do whakapapa, start with grandparents,parents,then you, then your children, then along the way you will meet cousins and they may add a bit more or tell stories about your marae,parents etc...

I hope this will help you

Ma te wa
Laurence Moeke

E iti noa ana na te aroha
Small gift given with love.

Posted : 02 February, 2007 1:30 pm
Marie Fenton
New Member

Hello rawa te puia te wheko is my 4th grate grandmother .

Huihana te arawhiri hopa 3ed grandmother. 

Christian Callaway  2ed grandmother 

Robert ngatihi fenton 1grandfather.

R j fenton koro.

L Fenton mother

Huihana Hopa Te Arawaere who was a high-ranking Maori princess of the Te Ngare tribe, a sub-tribe of Ngatirangi. On matakana rangiwaea???

Posted : 14 June, 2018 10:35 am