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BAILEY: Waitara Taranaki  


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05 May, 2011 1:22 am  

Kia ora
My great great great great grandmother was Mary Ann Lurcock and she married John Cracknell and they had a daughter Emily Cracknell, who had a daughter named Esther Ellen

My great grandmother was Esther Ellen Hanaray (also know as Hanary and Henry). (Buried in the Old Gorge Cemetery in Woodville as “Elizabeth Hanaray died 10th may 1936, Aged 77 years)

Esther Ellen Henry's father was John Hanaray (Henry) (presumed Irish) and her mother was Emily Cracknell born in Wellington 1953. The Cracknell's were original settlers at Petone in Wellington in 1841 and were well known for making the Cracknell Wagons, information on this is at the Petone Settlers Museum.

My great, great grandmother was Esther Ellen Henry 1869-1957, who married John Moorby when she was 19 years old in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay (from her death record in 1957 and she was 60 when her mother died from her mother's death record in 1930) and had 4 children to him, William, Claire, Mabel and Catherine.

She then left her husband and took up with a Maori Man, “Robert” Ropata? Bailey (my great-great grandfather) and then had 3 children to him - Thomas Robert, Alexander (Dinny) and Herbert Leigh Bailey who is my great grandfather. Herbert Leigh had a daughter Lillian June Bailey (my grandmother), who married James Oscar (John) Baillie (my grandfather) and had my father William Herbert Baillie (born in Upper Hutt).

Despite Esther having taken up with the Maori man by the name of Robert Bailey and then having 3 children to him, all of Esther's children births were registered under her married name, Moorby: Willam James 1889 Woodville, Mabel Jane 1891 Woodville, Catherine 1893 Woodville, Frances Mary Muriel Grace 1898 Otaki, Thomas Robert D.O.B? Alexander 1900 Otaki, Herbert Lee 1900 Otaki. All of her children went by the name Bailey despite their birth certificate having them as Moorby. I presume this was because she was not married to Robert Bailey.

The daughter she had to Robert Bailey - Frances Mary Muriel Grace was apparently a very dark skinned girl with Maori features and she was apparently whangai out to another Maori family in the area, she was apparently also known as the "Black Pearl". Thomas Robert Bailey, the oldest of the Bailey children, later named his daughter Pearl -not sure if there was a link to his sister that was whangai out there.

So Esther Ellen Henry had her last 3 children to the Robert Bailey in Otaki, so am not sure if he was originally from Otaki, or his descendants were Te Atiawa from Waitara, Taranaki, then came down to Otaki (the later is what my whanau seems to think). I have been advised that the Bailey Te Atiawa link could be descended from from Taitoko ki Ngamotu Bailey, but I am not sure for definite. But I am told that the Bailey came from Waitara and are connected to Owae marae then some of the Ati Awa iwi migrated south to Otaki and then some came further to Wellington.

My name is Genene Baillie-Allanson and my fathers Mum was nee Bailey and we believe is an Ati Awa descendant. I would love to learn more about my Whakapapa and whether I am connected to the Baileys of Taranaki and the Ati awa iwi and Owae marae and am hoping someone can help me trace my roots. It is important to me to know where I come from - it s really deeply important to me.

Thank you for your consideration – I currently live in Wellington but travel regularly to Taranaki for work, I would welcome any opportunity to discuss this further with anyone who could help or an email.

Ka kite ano

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01 June, 2012 1:05 am  

Kia ora Genene,

Firstly kia ora for the detail of your post - it does help to find a starting place to be able to awhi you maybe.

Make sure you are at the [url= http://whakapapa.maori.org.nz/]Whakapapa Club[/url] and put bailey in the search box at the top right hand corner. In the results you will find a link to Newspaper listings for Taranaki - go there and have a look at the Baileys there - there are quite a few!

Then go to the page that is referenced at the bottom of the list and contact the person who runs that site - he may be able to help you.

Next, go to the Research Archives at the Whakapapa Club and put bailey in the search there - you will find an old post that talks about the Bailey's from Waitara and there is an email there as well - I am not too sure if it is still current, but again, it may help.

And lastly, go to the Email directories at the whakapapa club and search for Bailey - there are a few results there and one Bailey is the contact for a marae in Waitara.

If that email address is no longer working, you will still have the name of a marae that the Bailey whanau could be connected to.

Good luck! 🙂

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!