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Genealogical Table of the Ngatimutunga hapu of the Ngatiawa tribe of TaranakiMAUI POMARE, Pomare Roa  


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13 October, 2013 10:31 am  

The following is a post on Trade Me i discovered. Am posting it here in the hope that the whakapapa will be returned to the rightful owner and not sold to an unscupulous trader.

FOUND THIS IN AN ATTIC OF A HOUSE I WAS DOING UP YEARS AGO its old and is some sort of copy of the original, it had to be copied in the sixties because someone has hand written on the botton 22ft6 inches long and 7and1/2 yards, it says its the genealogical table, at the top its hand written MAUI POMARE, Pomare Road, its faded but clearly readable, Its very very long


I hope this will find its way to the right person

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29 October, 2013 8:23 pm  

Just sold a few minutes ago on TradeMe for $550.00 after being re-listed last week by the seller.
Hopefully it's being reunited with the rightfull owners and/or uri.