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Pawhau Whanau  


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23 August, 2018 8:44 pm  

Kia ora
Ko Frances Koni ahau
Ko Rakaunui Henare Te Koni tōku papa
Ko Tauwhitu Hetaraka Te Koni Pawhau tōku tūpuna mātua
I am trying to trace back my whakapapa on my papa's side, and can't seem to go or don't know how to go back further.
If I trace my tūpuna mātua back there are links that possibly he is linked back to rangatira Hone Te Koni, but I can't find any records to actually confirm that he is a child of Hone Te Koni and Ani Tumutumu.
I have never been told why we (our whanau) dropped the surname 'Pawhau' some of the family use that name but we don't and I'm hoping that someone can enlighten me on our Pawhau connection.  My mother  Sophie Karangapuhi once took me through Peria, were we stopped at this church and found a headstone [with the name Pawhau on it, I wish now that I listened to her back then, aue the time wasn't right for me then, kahore I had to wait till they all passed before I unblock my ears] there but it was facing in a different direction to all.the other headstone in the urupa ...
nga mihi

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04 September, 2018 10:42 pm  

Kia ora, 

The name change you mentioned is probably because of the Maori Naming Conventions that are explained in that link.

Go to the Basic Search link and put Koni in the first name and Pawhau in the last name then click create searches then click on the link Search the family search site you will find a Koni Hetaraka PAWHAU born 1864 died 1936 with other records showing his parents and children.  I am not sure if this is your whanau but you may recognise some of the names.

NOTE: Not all records in that family search site are accurate, (names could be wrong or dates or relationshisps etc) but they are a good place to start

Good luck! 😀

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!

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21 April, 2020 12:08 am  


kia ora, ae those are whanau names I am familiar with I'm needing to go further back i.e. Hone Te Koni his parents and trying to also obtain their last names and then his grand parents to which I'm hoping either of these tūpuna mātua of Hone Te Koni will then show how the name Pawhau applies... e.g. Hetaraka (grandfather) Te Koni (=Hone Te Koni great-grandfather)  Pawhau (great-great grandfather) I have heard korero that Pawhau (was a chief?) with possible connections to Tainui Iwi but I can't get or don't know how to research this to get confirmation