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TUWHANGARAU, Tepene and PARATA, Maraea: looking for more information about them  


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12 June, 2016 2:09 am  

I am very interested in finding out more information about

Tepene TUWHANGARAU and his wife Maraea PARATA, (my great great grandfather and great great grandmother.)

One of their children was Mihi, who married a Portuguese man, Jose Louis De Sousa, (my great grandmother and great grandfather)

Mihi and Jose had 21 children in all, all born in Batley, one of them was Tiri (Delia), (my grandmother.)

Tiri married Fred Morgan and had 8 children, one of them was Thora, (my mother.)

Thora in turn married my father, Ron Thompson.

Here's some of the info we have already on Tepene and Maraea and Mihi and Jose.

Tepene and Maraea were married in Waikare, by Matiu Taupaki

Tepene and Maraea lived in Northland in/near Whangaruru / Russell.

Jose was a whale fisherman who jumped ship near Coopers Bay, with a couple of other Portuguese fishermen, and worked as a gum digger in the Whangaruru / Russell areas where he met Tepene and Maraea.

Maraea died in 1883 and is buried at Kararaea - 25th July 1883 - 35 years old.

Tepene, Mihi and Jose then moved down to the Kaipara, after Maraea died, where they lived in the Batley and Tanoa area and were members of the Otamatea Marae.

Mihi and Jose were married at Kararaea in the late 1880's by Rev C E Dividson.

Information suggests that Tepene and Maraea are of Ngatiwhatau and Kapotai descent with affiliations to most Northland tribes. Is this correct?

Tepene was one of the elected Papatupu Komiti of 1903 which settled Otamatea / Hanerau Block.

I am hoping to find out any further information about -
Whether the above is correct?
What would be our ancestral waka's
Anything about any ancestors before them.
And anything else that involves all of them.

Thank you

Dale Thompson

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05 October, 2017 12:44 am  

Kia ora,

May I suggest that you try the new Whakapapap Club Google search page as it creates advanced searches. You would try it with any names you like 🙂

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Happy Searching!

Nau te raurau,
Naku te raurau,
Ka ora ai nga tangata!
Together we will get there!